What Is PPC Web Spy

PPC Web Spy is a computer program that can help you do better in your pay per click marketing campaign. When you have a pay per click marketing company advertising your website, you have to choose certain keywords to use. PPC Web Spy is a tool to help you figure out which keywords your competition uses so you can compete better.

Picking the right keywords can make or break your pay per click campaign. And since it’s unlikely that you’re the only person in your niche, you’re bound to have competition. How do your competitors get targeted traffic to their website, and how can you get some of that same traffic?

PPC Web Spy can help you figure those things out. This tool is designed to show you the Google Adwords keywords that websites are using to get traffic. Since Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click advertising company online, using this tool can help your PPC campaign get you better results.

If you search on a word or phrase at Google, ads that are using those keywords through Google Adwords will show up on the search page. These ads are usually on the top and right hand side of the page. PPC Web Spy can show you the keywords used in those ads.

After you’ve made such a search, you click the program’s icon in the bottom right hand corner of your web browser screen. Then you do the Google search again. Now a “view keywords” button will appear below each pay per click ad!

Click those buttons and list will pop up that shows all the keywords that marketer has bid on for that particular ad. So, how can a tool like PPC Web Spy be valuable to you when planning your pay per click campaign?

First, now that you know the keywords your competition is bidding on, you know the keywords you should try to bid on, too. This can be a great help if you’re just getting started. If you don’t really understand the whole keyword concept, or don’t know much about it, now you do. You’ve got an entire list to choose from with just a few clicks.

You get more that just a list of keywords, though. The list also shows that keyword’s ranking, the average cost per click and the average cost per day. It also shows the maximum cost per click, and how many clicks that keyword gets per day.

You get all that information from your competitor’s ad! And that information can help you decide which keywords are worth bidding on to try get them and get that traffic instead of letting your competitor get the traffic first.

The program will also show you if the person is a Clickbank affiliate. This means they’re selling an information product through Clickbank, which allows others to sell that information for them and receive commissions.

If you’re trying to maximum the results of your pay per click campaign, then a great keyword tool like PPC Web Spy can help you.