Squeeze Page Tutorials Cant Teach You Everything

Squeeze page tutorials are a great way to get started with building your own squeeze page and to understand the basics of how squeeze pages, otherwise known as landing pages, or lead capture pages, work. The goal of any squeeze page is to get the contact information of a visitor. So, it’s important to understand and implement an effective structure to your page.

You can find free text squeeze page tutorials on various sites like BuildThatList.com, TamingTheBeast.com and hundreds of others. BlinkWeb.com offers video tutorials after you sign up for free. But most of these training tools are focused on the structure of your squeeze pages and they don’t go into the whole concept and details that make certain pages perform better than others. If you analyze the information enough, you can even come across some advanced techniques that will improve your results. However, there are some crucial things that you cannot learn in these tutorial and I will list them here.

First of all, your squeeze page can be the most professional, high-quality site on the internet, but it doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting any targeted traffic to it. Before you set your squeeze page up to start building a high-quality list, make sure that you look at how you are getting traffic. Your squeeze page must fit the audience that you are targeting, and therefore the traffic methods that you are using. This is where having multiple squeeze pages comes into play. You can have a basic model that is then further customized for the various niches and/or keywords that you are targeting.

Next, even if you do start pulling in contacts from your squeeze page, you will then have to know how to follow up with them. Having a list of contacts will do you no good if you don’t build a mutually respectful relationship with them. Even the best of squeeze pages will only create sign-ups, not relationships, and not sales. Don’t even start to build a squeeze page until you are clear on how you are going to follow up with the list you start to build. And make sure that you are sending your list valuable content and useful information, not just spam that they can add to the tens of other spam messages that they receive on a regular basis.

By all means, take advantage of squeeze page tutorials. Soak up the information and create yourself a winning page. But remember that, while building a list is key, it is only a small part of the whole picture. If you don’t have anything to back your squeeze page up with, you are only wasting your time and that of your potential customers. Take the time to figure out the whole game plan before you start, and you will save yourself quite a bit of time and frustration in the long-run.