Affiliate Marketing Video – Drive Targetted Traffic

You can actually use affiliate marketing video in one of several ways. For one, you can use these videos to drive traffic to your website. Once there you can offer them an affiliate marketing course if they join your email list. Once on your list you can send them emails that will show them how to do some task that is directly associated with affiliate marketing.

Getting traffic is job #1 for your online business but what you do with that traffic is of equal importance. Did you know that upwards of 98% of the people who come to your site won’t buy and they won’t come back? All those marketing efforts down the tube.

But what if you could contact all those people again, as many times as you wanted to? Well, you can. Just add an autoresponder opt in to your site and they will give you permission to send them emails. That way you can have a lot of chances to convert those visitors into paying customers.

When that happens you can create a series of videos that can teach your subscribers a valuable skill. You can then send those out over a period of time building trust and rapport. If you include a P.S. at the end of the email that recommends a product or service that can help them, they will be much more likely to buy.

Using video in this way creates a great win / win situation. Your subscribers are getting some valuable, and helpful, knowledge and you are getting the chance to show them that you are an expert and someone who can help them achieve their goals.

This approach can work for pretty much any niche market around. Use the video’s to drive traffic and then use them to get visitors to sign up to your list, and last, use videos to teach them something of value and interest to them.

When making your videos, make sure that you speak clearly and slowly and keep the visuals to a minimum. Just use the video as a way to supplement the audio. Don’t make it so splashy that it’s distracting. Keep it simple.

Also, keep it short. Generally 3 minutes or less (you can make it longer when you are putting your training course together, just not a whole lot longer).

If you are the one who is recording the audio you don’t need to sound like an actor, you just need to be clear. Keep the hemming and hawing to a minimum. I’ve honestly gotten videos where there was more stuttering than talking. It made me angry so I clicked away and didn’t watch them. I figured my time is too valuable to be wasted on someone who can’t take the time to make a decent video.

As an affiliate marketer, there are many ways you can use an affiliate marketing video. You can use one to drive traffic, to sign up to your list and even to keep those on your list informed and interested. Video is the wave of the future online, catch it for yourself.