How Video Marketing Converts Traffic – 4 Tips

Using video marketing to drive traffic to your website, and help convert that traffic into opt-ins for your email list or paying customers is becoming more popular all the time. With a video you are able to capture the visitors attention much more quickly than with the written word. Combining a great written title, with a great video allows you the best of both worlds.

Of course, as with all things, there are some important tips you need to keep in mind in order to be able to capitalize on this trend.

1. Your videos should be no more than 3 minutes long ideally, 5 minutes max. It’s a sad truth but a lot of online surfers just don’t have a long attention span.

2. Do your keyword research. Find out which keywords are being used by prospective customers when searching for your product or service. Use those keywords in the tags and title of your video. Doing so will allow your video top billing in search engine results for those keywords which means you’ll get more people watching and, if you’ve done it right, more visitors to your website.

3. Whenever you are marketing you have to test. You have to changes things (only one thing at a time so you can pinpoint what caused the change) and see which version produces the best results.

You could experiment with the title of the video. Than you might want to see if a shorter video works better, etc. This will allow you to find just the right combination and create a monster, traffic pulling video.

4. With any kind of marketing, consistency is the name of the game. Don’t throw up a few videos and then move on to something else. Put up a string of informative, well made videos on a consistent basis and people will make a point of checking out what you have to say.

One word of caution, don’t mistake quantity with quality. It’s important to be consistent but if the videos you are putting up don’t offer any real value to your subscriber or visitors, they will just ‘change the channel’. Offer them something that can really benefit them.

And don’t forget to appeal to their emotions. Remember, people buy with emotion but they justify it with logic. Whatever you are selling, don’t rely solely on facts and logic, that’s cold and doesn’t work. You do need to provide some features of the product but you also want to make it emotional.

So instead of just saying “my dog training video will teach your dog to come when he is called” add something like “so you can take him with you anywhere and spend more time with him without the embarrassment of having him run around out of control”

That provides both the feature, teaching your dog to come when he is called, as well as the emotional benefit of that feature, not being embarrassed by an unruly dog.

Video marketing is an important tool in your marketing efforts. Take the time to tweak your results and you could be sitting on a gold mine.