Video Squeeze Pages Build Customers Trust

One of the greatest challenges with building a successful business, whether online or offline, is building trust with your customers. You want to build a rapport with them so that they are more inclined to buy your product. On the internet you do this via an email list. To get them to sign up for that list you use video squeeze pages.

In case you are not familiar with the term “squeeze page”, it is also referred to as a “capture page”. This page has the sole purpose of enticing people into joining your email list. It has absolutely no other function whatsoever.

Because it’s only purpose is to have people opt into your email list, it should have no distractions. It should have neither ads nor other links that might cause your visitors to get side tracked.

Your visitors should have only two options on your squeeze page, sign up or leave. The only things that should be on your squeeze page is information on your product and the free offer for signing up, and the ability to actually sign up.

Now you may be wondering what is the point of all that. Well it is rather simple, on average a person will need around seven unique interactions with you before they come to trust you enough to buy your product.

If they only visit your website once, which is generally what happens, then they can not get to know and trust you. By having repeated contact with them due to video squeeze pages you can build up a rapport with them by providing them a steady stream of quality content.

When making a squeeze page there are several basic elements involved.

1. A good headline. This is generally the first thing your visitor will see, so you want to make sure it captures their attention. You want to have your headline pique their interest or cause a little fear.

2. A great free offer. You want to reward your visitors for taking the time to sign up to your email list. You do this in the way of a free offer. Typically it is a slimmed down version of the final product. Just a little something to wet their appetite and entice them into buying the real thing.

3. Bullet points. You want to make sure your squeeze page offers the information your visitors are looking for. This information should be kept short and to the point, they do not want to read a giant essay after all.

4. A video. This one is entirely optional but having a video can add a little extra punch to your squeeze page. This video should include information on your free offer as well as your bullet points.

Video squeeze pages are very important for getting visitors to buy your product. It is all a process and the squeeze page is the first step in that process. If you can get them to sign up to your list then you can continue to provide them with content and services so that they will eventually buy your product.