How To Get Free Traffic By Building A Website

If you have a website then you may be thinking of how to increase the traffic to your site. Having good search engine rankings will help to improve the traffic to your site and also give you more targeted traffic. Here is a process that you can use to drive traffic to your website.

1. Choose your topic – you need to choose a niche to create your site around and you can get niche ideas from magazines, books, newspapers, newsletters and even competitors.

2. Keyword research – think about the keywords that people will search for when they are looking for information on your chosen niche. Do some research on the keywords to find good keyword phrases that have a good number of people searching for them? You may even wander a bit from the main keywords and find different meanings that may be used in this niche.

Google Keyword Tool is where you can use different phrases and variations of words to see the statistics on them for the prior month.

You can also research your competitors using the search engines and see what keyword phrases they are using to rank their site in the search engines.

3. Competitor research – when you have your top ten competitors have a look at their websites and see what kind of techniques they are using to be so successful. This might give you some ideas to improve your website.

4. Add content to your website. You want to write your articles based around the main keyword phrases that you have chosen for your niche. Don’t just have one main keyword phrase but have a variety of keyword phrases and write articles for each keyword phrase. The more keyword phrases that you rank for in the search engines the more traffic you will get to your site.

5. When you add the content to your website, use the keywords within the titles of the web pages. It is important for good search engine optimization to have your title tags include the keywords.

6. Add images to your pages as this helps to entice readers and keep them interested. It helps to make your site look more interesting and professional.

7. Link to other sites. When you link to high quality sites than have good search engine rankings this can help you rank well, particularly if those sites link back to your site.

8. Once you have added the first page to your website, build another ten pages on the other keywords you have chosen. Use the same technique that you used on the first page with the image and title tags.

9. Promote your website by building backlinks for your site. You can do this by using article marketing, blog commenting and other methods. Each time you submit an article to an article directory you include a link pointing back to your website.

10. Join a forum related to your niche and become a regular contributor. Include a link to your website in your signature so others can see the link to your site.

When you have created a high quality website that is pleasing to the eye and offers good quality information, Google will recognize your site. As you gain more backlinks to your site, this will help to rank your site even higher in the search engines.

You will gradually see the traffic increase over time as you rank higher in the search engines and more and more people are able to find your website.