Increase On Line Traffic – Where Your Clients Come From

You need to know that if you are thinking about starting an online business, the best way to increase on line traffic is to make sure that your website and all your marketing is optimized with the current keywords searchers are using to look for what they want. You will be able to leave your competition in the dust if you know how to use keywords to your advantage.

Now you want to know how to find the keywords searchers are using, right? OK, find yourself a really, really good keyword tool. As soon as you learn to use keywords effectively, you will be able to get your website ranked high on the search engine results page, increase on line traffic and make lots of money.

If you are new to all this then you may get a little confused with all the jargon and with what everything means. But in learning how to find good keywords you will hear things like, a good keyword does not show search engine results in the millions. All this means is that keyword is used a lot and there is a lot of competition for it. This keyword will not get you the traffic you need because everyone and their brother is using it. You need to find keywords with a low competition.

You need targeted keywords that are specific to your product or service. Search engines like this and will rank you higher on the page if you find these keywords. A higher ranking means more people see your website and that means more business. The internet has become increasingly more competitive and every advantage you can find is worth it’s weight in gold.

The next thing to look at if you find a keyword with low competition is the search number. A higher search number is good. This means that people are using this keyword in their searches. There are numbers to go by to help you in your keyword hunt. Look for keywords that have 1500 searches per month or more and below 20,000 competition. If you find a keyword that falls under these parameters hold on tight to it because you may have just found yourself the golden egg.

Save them to your computer by opening up a Notepad file. The ones you find will then be at the ready for you to use when you plug them into your website.

Your search may take you far and wide and it may take some time to locate that perfect keyword that no one else is using but when you find it, it is like finding a golden nugget and you are the only on that knows about it. Just think what this kind of a keyword can do for your business.

Remember when I said that the keywords you find should be targeted to your product or service? Well, we can go one step further with that and start talking about long-tailed keywords. Long tailed keywords are keywords that describe exactly what searchers are looking for. They are called long-tailed keywords because they are more than one or two words in length and will help you increase on line traffic to your website.

knows about it. Just think what this kind of a keyword can do for your business.

Remember when I said that the keywords you find should be targeted to