Ten Amazing Traffic Building Ideas For Targeted Traffic

If you have a website then you need to get traffic to it. A website is no good without visitors, but unfortunately driving traffic to your site can often be quite difficult. There are some great strategies that you can use to drive traffic to your site. Let’s take a look at ten amazing traffic building ideas.

1. Flickr – Social photo sharing is a fantastic way to get people to your website. The idea is to have Flickr and your website working together to draw traffic to your site. You can do this by adding good tags to the photos so that they are attractive on the website. When you write a post on your blog then add the link to the Flickr site.

2. Join social bookmarking sites – when you join social bookmarking sites you can share your favorite site with people that share the same interests. You can include your website and then anyone looking for information on your topic can find you through these social bookmarking sites. You can also add bookmarks to your blog so that others can also share your site on social bookmarking sites. Add some interesting links and have your website set up so that visitors will find it interesting and will want to share it with others.

3. Blog commenting – find other blogs in the same niche and leave comments on their posts. Most blogs will allow you to put in the URL for your site so every time that you leave a comment you are building a backlink to your website. When leaving comments on blogs, never spam a blog, always read the blog posts and leave a comment that is appropriate to the post. If you leave a comment that sounds knowledgeable then others will be more likely to click on your link and visit your website.

4. Forum marketing – join forums that are related to your niche and actively contribute to the forums. Put a link to your website in your signature so that every forum post that you make you will build a new backlink to your site. Other members of the forum will also see the link in your signature and may visit your site. Don’t spam forums, but always write good, appropriate posts and then you will increase your chance of other forum members visiting your website.

5. Make your site interesting by adding themes, widgets and other extensions to your site. If your site is incredibly boring then people won’t return to it, but if your site is interesting, user friendly and exciting then your visitors will more likely return and more likely share your site for others to see.

6. Let your friends know your business and ask them to help spread the word about your site. If your friends can add a link to your site on their own blogs and websites then this will help you to gain more traffic.

7. Contact some industry specific sites and ask them if they would be willing to add a link to your website on their site. There are many that will be happy to help you out by adding a link.

8. Add podcasts to your site including video and audio that your visitors will find interesting.

9. Submit your site feed to blog site directories. By doing this you will receive traffic from other sites from your feed.

10. Build a Squidoo lens about the topic of your site and include links back to your site. Make your lens interesting and exciting so visitors will want to click on the link to your website.

When you are building traffic to your website you need to give your visitors what they want. People aren’t interested in visiting boring sites or sites that don’t give them what they want – they are looking for something specific so if you give them what they are looking for then they will continue to come back to your site and to tell others about it.