Camping Advice For Those Planning On Becoming One With Nature

Most people consider camping to be a fun and exciting way to escape the stress of everyday life. With that said, it is necessary to plan for the worst, so that you do not end up having an awful time. Keep reading to make sure you have a successful camping trip.

Dryer lint makes surprisingly good kindling for starting campfires. Collect the lint in your dryer and store it in a bag a few weeks before you go camping to prepare for this. Collecting lint in a bag will allow you to have a fire building tool for your trip. When you are ready to leave on your trip, just pack your bag of lint for kindling.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of pitching camp too close to bathroom facilities. Many people believe this is more convenient, but it’s simply not true. Bathrooms are not only sources of light, but they receive quite a bit of traffic. Thus the strategy of camping out close to the restrooms ultimately backfires.

Plan several activities to do while camping. For instance, card games, fishing poles and footballs will help to ensure that you have a fun time in the woods. If you brought kids along, you might want to pack a lot of things for entertainment.

When you put up your tent, seal the tent seams the best you can. Extra sealer tubes can be purchased at most sporting supply stores. This will prevent rain or little critters from getting inside.

Try to camp near water, where you can also enjoy swimming. When you’re out camping, it’s really easy to miss your shower at home. The coolness of the water will help you feel cleaner and more refreshed, so you won’t miss your shower as much as you thought you might!

A lot of people forget to put up shelter before it gets dark. It is extremely difficult to pitch a tent whenever it is dark. A flashlight or a fire will be essential. It is simply much easier to do this while the sun is still out so that you are all set whenever it gets dark.

Before setting out on your camping adventure, make sure you can read a map and a compass. Even if this isn’t your first time at the site, it’s easy to get lost in the woods since a lot of things look the same. You will be able to avoid possible tragedy when you learn how to use both of these life saving items.

You should always bring a spare utility knife when camping. Utility knives can be quite versatile, so be sure to have an extra with you.

Be sure to have extra clothing and food along whenever you camp. You want to have enough clothing and food if something unexpected happens. In the event weather damages your food supplies, or you are trapped in the forest for an additional evening, preparations can make all the difference.

As you prepare for a long camping trip, pack and repack your gear multiple times. This will ensure you don’t forget anything when you head out on your camping adventure.

When you are out camping, be sure there is an area for you to use the bathroom. A porta-potty isn’t a necessity, but you can bring one if you like. Just ensure there is a proper place to use the bathroom. Also, plan to bring your own toilet paper if you are uncomfortable with using leaves.

Fire safety must be a priority when you camp. Learn the proper way to build a fire ring that is safe. Have buckets nearby that are full of water in the event that the fire gets too big. Stay on top of the fire; don’t leave it lit while away from your site.

Whenever you are camping near a river or stream, always make sure to “take care of business” downstream. This will allow you to be sure that the water that’s going near your campsite doesn’t contain anything that could make you sick. In addition, you should be more than 100 yards from where you are camping when you use the bathroom.

Remember that everything you bring along, including you and your family, will more than likely get dirty. Preparing for this in advance can help reduce the stress when it does happen. Enjoy being in the woods and allow yourself to let loose and be messy. Things will be normal again once you are home.

Pack some indoor entertainment items. There may be bad weather during your trip. If it rains, you may find you are spending much of your time inside. You do not have to let this ruin your trip. Be sure you have a lot to do if you’re stuck inside a cabin, tent or RV.

Camping can be an amazing outdoor experience for you and your family. However, when the preparations are lacking, the trip can be disastrous. Remember to keep the information here in mind to make for the best camping trip possible. Enjoy yourself!