Famous Paintings – An Inspiration to Other Painters

Ever since any man can remember, painting is both a vocation and a hobby. Since the inception of painting, it has evolved to an immense level. Various styles and techniques were incorporated into painting and so it became very lovable to the masses. Do you know some famous paintings? These are the works of world renowned artists.

Painters have experimented with a wide range of styles, techniques, themes, textures, and media. However, only a few of these experiments were recognized by art lovers. After some time, the experiments resulted to the establishment of different cults. The process was able to produce talented painters from different parts of the world.

In such a short time, some of the talented painters became painting masters. All the works of these famous and talented painters were exceptional in terms of technique, accuracy, and look however, not all their works were loved by the masses. Very few of their paintings made an indelible impact to the hearts of people especially the lovers of art. The works of these famous painters were loved and became immensely famous in different periods.

You can find thousands of great works but there are only very few considered as the greatest. Both the experts and masses revered these greatest works. A very good example is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. It is considered immortal in the world of art and millions of people were intrigued by Mona Lisa’s captivating smile. Salvador Dali became famous of his painting Melting Watches. If you try to put the greatest paintings in history on a list, it is rather long.

Famous paintings differ in styles and techniques, as well as the media being used. Judgment though depends on the viewers and they will be the ones who’ll decide which art painting is among the greatest.

Here are a few of the famous paintings and their artists – Ajanta Murals by the Vakaka Kings of India; Starry Night by Van Gogh; Mona Lisa and Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci; Last Judgment by Michelangelo; Sunrise Impression by Monet; Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso; Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali; and Madonna and Child.

These are some of the few famous paintings known all over the world. These painters had other works but somehow, the people didn’t like them much as much as their more famous works. Despite this fact, the names of these greatest painters are all over the pages of history books and art books. Even little children in art classes know their famous works.

The beauty of these famous paintings have withstood the test of time and even after many years of existence, the works of art were not forgotten. If you try to conduct a research on the net, you will find out more about the other famous paintings and how priceless they are. It is really an honor to be considered as a great painter. Aspiring painters should therefore work hard and who knows, one day their works will also become famous.

Paintings that become famous come rarely in a lifetime for an artist and yet, their names will be recognized long after they are gone. Let this be an inspiration to would-be painters. The greatest painters didn’t give up in perfecting their skills until they were able to impress the people and experts. If you have this attitude, perhaps you may become a famous great painter as well. Paint, paint, paint… master your art and you should continue doing this as long as the people around you loves your work.