Dealing with the failure of keeping promises

The worst part of a person’s character is the lack of integrity. You’ll find that there are relationships that will fail because you lack integrity. You’ll also notice that there are promises broken everyday in the home and the work place. How can you have integrity if you use broken promises to get your way? Integrity stands for a lot of things. Mostly, it means that you are an honest person and that you also can stand proud because of your honesty. A lot of people think that they can still have integrity and break promises, because when they make the promise they begin with all intentions of keeping it. You’ll find that with a person who breaks promises, their entire family and friends look very different at them.

If you do not value the promise, then you will be seen as a person that can not be trusted. Within the workplace, it’s not a characteristic that you will need nor want to have. If you can’t trust your partners at work then how are you to work with them. It’s very important that you learn to be a truthful and honest person, so that you can succeed at work and still have your friends.

Some of the reasons why you will fail at keeping promises are the following. You may be in a situation that is not good for you, and you’ll need to get out of it. With no intentions behind it, you’ll make a promise just to get the person off your back. Also, you may be between a rock and a hard place and if you make too many promises at once, then you’ll be unable to care for any of them. Lastly, you may just not think that the promise was important to anyone.

When you make a promise, you should first think about how you are making it to. Will this person be disappointed if you were unable to keep it? Most of the time, we make promises to those who are closest to us. They are the kids, the mates, the parents, and best friends. Often, the promises that we break effective them, so strongly that they will begin to dislike you or even feel so hurt that they must leave you. You don’t want to have a marriage based on empty promises and you certainly don’t want to have a family that despises you. It is important that you understand the other side of the story before you decide to make a promise.

You will find that a broken promise will give you a false sense of acceptance and make you feel like the problem is gone. You’ll want to consider that when you make a promise, the problem may calm down for awhile, but if you break that promise, you may lose a business deal, money, and even friends and lovers. Honesty is very much appreciated. If you don’t think that you can not fulfill a promise, then it is best that you do not make one.

You’ll notice that the major reason why you have failed to keeping promises, because you have not be able to gain control over the promises that you make. You’ll continue to make promises and hope that you feel better about the decisions and eventually forget. The key to getting over this problem is to stay that you can’t promise anything, but that you’ll work your best to make ends meet. You’ll find that if you stay something to this liking, then you are not giving false hope, but you’ll still need to make an effort.