How to deal with failure to be yourself

The one thing that is hard to do is be yourself, especially, when you are put in an awkward situation. There are times where you will get into a character because the front makes you feel more confident. However, you have to consider that there is a time and a place to place the barrier and you’ll need to consider that being yourself is so much better. You’ll want to take some of the following advice on how to be yourself and put yourself out there for others to find and to understand without making yourself so vulnerable. The key is to put yourself at there without being vulnerable. This way you can be yourself, but not become concerned with how others see you.

Sometimes it is a nature state to go through, but an identity crisis is nothing to joke about. You will need to learn that there are repercussions for your front. When it comes to a relationship, often people will start a relationship being very bold and then they will die down in their manner. The thing is that you have already started a relationship on false pretenses. Then you have to decide to keep it up or give it up. Often the relationship is simply not worth faking, but there are many reasons why others will take their time to bring their true side out. It’s hard to wake up to a different person and realize that you don’t love them any more.

If you really want to be yourself, you are going to have to give up some of your insecurities. Rather you think you are unattractive or not smart enough you have to give up the insecurities and boldly present yourself. You will need to let go of your concerns, because it will only hold you back and perhaps it will make you hide. You don’t want to present just half of who you are. You will need to use your insecurities as a filter, but you should never allow them to take complete control over your life.

You will also find that being honest and open is apart of being yourself. You have nothing to hide. Even your imperfections could be attractive to some people. You’ll need to consider that there are many people around you with insecurities and issues. You don’t necessarily need to announce what makes you feel unattractive or insecure, but you don’t have to hide yourself behind a false front.

Also, you’ll need to stop worrying and take this time to relax. Honesty is hard to find, but if you don’t put so much pressure on yourself to lie, then you’ll be able to show everyone who you really are. You’ll need to learn how to laugh at yourself too. When something bad happens to you, instead of reacting in a bad way, you may just want to just laugh it off and soon everyone else will forget too. Eventually, if it is a good story, you’ll hear retellings of the story, but if you don’t put fuel on the fire you’ll be able to live it down.

Ultimately you need to accept who you are and learn how to respect yourself for it. You’ll need to accept the fact that you’ll need to take some time away from the situation (perhaps a weekend off from work or a few days from the dating world) and learn the pros and cons that you represent. You’ll need to respect the things that you can’t change and take action for things that you can change. This is the only way that you can truly respect and love yourself.