How to feel as if you are a success

Very often people do not give themselves the proper credit. You’ll find that not only are you successful on some level, but you are worth more than you think. It’s all about self image and the way that you feel about yourself. Obviously the grass is always greener on the other side, but keep in mind that there is always someone who admires someone. Many people do not think that they are successful or valuable, but when you see your life through the eyes of others, it may be a different story. Basically, success is truly in the eye of the beholder. You can have success on so many different levels.

The first way that you may consider yourself to be success is in your career. You may have gone to school and gotten a job that would make others green with envy. Even if you are at the bottom of the barrel in the corporate world, others may see your passion as a good quality that is desired. The truth is, everyone is successful in their career to someone. Even if it’s your mom (and yes, her opinion is heavily appreciated), there is someone who thinks that you’ve come along way. You may have more then just a job, but it could be a basis for some lasting friendships or relationships. Everyone is also good at some point of their job because they wouldn’t have the job if it wasn’t the case.

You don’t just have to be a successful business person, but you can also have success on a completely different level. A lot of people see their marriage and family as part of their success. You may want to keep in mind that success has many colors. You may be married for fifty years. In today’s standards, a long marriage is very rare. It’s also a good way to feel successful. As a mother whose child is graduating law school, it’s quite an accomplishment. You’ll want to rate your success based on your family life.

However, society doesn’t say that you need to have a family anymore either. Even if you are respected icon of the community, your peers still see you as a successful person. You will find that with a kind heart, you’ll be envied by many. A lot of people do not have it in them to be naturally generous. This is why we all don’t volunteer time. Some people have a natural character trait that allows them to think about others without even considering themselves. While many people will take the time to consider other people, but then a quick moment as to how they will be affected, these types of people not give themselves a thought.

Right now, society can be blamed for most of the things that are wrong with the world. This also includes the pressure to be perfect. The truth about the matter is simply that there are a lot of things out of your hands. You can’t control everything that happens to. It’s hard to be perfect for anyone and it’s not right to make yourself become something your not. You’ll want to consider that there is certain responsibility needed on your part. If you can stop and think about yourself and proclaim that you are an overall happy person, then you should be given a medal. Everyone is unhappy with some part of themselves (job, personal relationships, family, so on…), but if you are able to appreciate the things that you have, then you are a successful person.

Keep in mind that no good deed goes unreturned. If you work hard for the things that you desire, you’ll receive them, but you have to keep in mind, that you get from the world what you give to the world.