Taking Chances on a New Career

People find jobs they are suited for when they are young. At least, they believe they found the right kind of job. But as they progress, many feel disillusioned with the career they chose, feeling it isn’t what they thought it would be.

They think about changing careers, but that often means starting over. That is a scary proposition, especially if they have been in a certain career for several years. It’s likely they have climbed the corporate ladder and are earning a pretty decent salary. Starting over is sure to require a cut in pay and that can adversely affect the life of the employee and his or her family.

Taking on a new career is not just about a cut in money, either. It also means starting over as far as the pecking order or seniority that was gained after many years in the original career. This too, can be an awfully scary proposition. Another factor for career changers is that they are typically older. If people do decide to switch, they tend to do it in their forties or fifties. This means they have as little experience in the new career as someone just starting out and younger. That can be intimidating.

If you are considering a career change and you have thought about the scenarios above, you should know that there are positives that you should consider when making your decision. The first is that money isn’t everything. Sometimes, getting out of a bad situation is enough to overcome the objection of less money. Besides, the internet makes it really easy to earn extra income, either by selling online or doing work for others. It is no longer necessary to work at a physical location when trying to earn extra money.

The second factor regarding lack of experience in the new career is the fact that it will be new for you. This can be exciting as well as scary. Think back to when you first started in your original career. Any new achievement made you feel like you could rule the world.

The third factor where you have no seniority, remind yourself that you do have work and life experience that can still be brought to the table. If you have any management experience that can easily carry over. And you will know how to handle adverse situations better than your younger colleagues.

Staying in a career that you have grown tired of can make you bitter and take years off your life. If you have thought about taken a chance in starting a new career, others have done it and have made it work.