Uses for Knowing People’s Motivation

There was a time when people thought that only psychologists and counselors have the use for knowing how people tick. But in this modern times when every information is vital, knowing the motivation behind people’s action is one valuable commodity.

Perhaps it is because people have discovered that there are other uses to this information besides diagnosing the emotional and mental wellbeing of a person. Today, it is being used in various industries, often having to do with people. Here are some of the reasons why you should try to discover what drives people to do certain things.

1. Starting a business
If you know what drives people or simply what people want with their lives and what they will pay big money for you already have that great big idea that can make you a millionaire. And a lot of the things that people buy lies in their motivation. One example is how laptops have become so big in recent years. This is because companies have anticipated people’s need to not only be constantly mobile but also to be in. Laptops have become status symbols that almost everyone is scrambling for.

2. Handling employees
If you have a business, knowing people’s motivation is crucial not only in selling your products but also in handling your employees. People who are highly motivated can give far greater results in record time than perhaps people who are not as motivated. This scenario is even more crucial at this time of economic recession when every one is depressed and they just don’t have the energy or the drive to work anymore. By knowing the motivations of people, you can easily increase them and thereby improving their over all performance.

Another use for this with employees is your attitudes with them. For instance, people who are more motivated by recognition and awards would need to be praised every once in a while people who are achievement oriented would need to be assigned tasks after tasks to feel that they are valued members of the group.

3. Selling products
A lot of the people behind marketing and selling have studies human attitudes and their motivation. After all, how can you convince them to part with their money and buy something that they don’t need if you do not appeal to their baser buying instincts. Knowing what motivates people will greatly help you in packaging and in marketing your product.

For instance, a house and lot can be marketed in different ways depending on the kind of motivation that a person has. You can market it to target young people who are looking to find some security for their future when they are too old to work. You can also target people who want some sort of status symbol, something that they can brag about. You can also market it to people who want to be on their own and have their own apartment or house.

4. Putting the promos and add ons
If you know people’s motivations, it would be easier for you to create promos and specials that will help sell products. Marketing products depend a lot in the motivations of their target consumers. That’s why most people in advertising have units in psychology also.

You will be able to create promos that are tailor-fitted to meet the needs of your consumers.