Using Financial Constraints as Motivation to Study Harder

In times of dire need and economic crisis, self-motivation is very important to keep one going. This is quite applicable for people who are not yet earning full time like the students. More than ever, these young people should realize that the times that everybody has now are tough and they, themselves can do something to survive.

Imagine this, everything cost more than what it used to be. From gas, food and even school supplies, everything is going up and the only thing going down is the world’s economy. Given these conditions, it’s really hard to save up for college and work through it. Some people are even tempted by those lucrative credit card loans or student loans that have really low interest rates but have hidden charges that catches people off guard. But, instead of sulking in depression with all those realities, nothing is left to be done but use these as motivation to reach greater heights after graduation.


Before any student start whining about hard it is to finish college and how only people with money can afford to have an education, here are some of the things that they can do to survive the tough financial times and come out as victors in the future.

– Make use of old books that your siblings and friends have used. There is absolutely nothing wrong about used textbooks and reference books. It’s a good way of saving up money for better use. What’s the difference anyway? New books are just books too, besides you’ll never know what kind of notes you’ll find inside.

– Buy things in bulk. For students who are living or renting on their own, it’s cheaper to buy things in bulk or by the dozen. In fact, there are a lot of wholesale stores where you can get significant savings. You can buy your snacks, toilet paper and detergent here and you can divvy the cost among your roomies, and I’m sure they won’t mind.

– Maximize the use of those feet. Walking more will definitely help you save some money since you won’t have to pay for transportation. If you’re going around the campus get to your class or meet someone or for some other reasons, why not save yourself some gas money and try walking instead. Aside from helping you save some money, it’s also a good form of exercise while helping the environment by lessening carbon emissions. But if you really need to use transportation, try riding a bike, skateboarding or carpooling with friends.

– Dine “in”. Instead of dining in various restaurants, why don’t you dine “inside” the house or in your room. Prepare your own food so you won’t have to pay for extra charges. Same thing goes to snacks and coffee breaks. If you are a gourmet coffee addict, invest in one good coffee maker and some good coffee instead of ordering your coffee in coffee shops that can be quite expensive.

If you are just a college student, you can use the tips mentioned as motivation to study even harder. To ensure that there is a bright future ahead of you after college, it is best if you save all the money that you can now and think of ways on how you can earn in the future.