This One Thing Can Transform Your Life from Dull to Fabulous

If your life seems dull and boring, then it is time to turn it around. You don’t have to settle for dull and humdrum, instead you can choose to go after fun and fabulous
So what is it that can completely transform your life for the better? Is it money? Perhaps a life partner? What about fame? While all of those will change your life, often for the better, there is an often over-looked something that will create an incredible and positive change in your life.
“There is no fulfilment in things whatsoever. And I think one of the reasons that depression reigns supreme amongst the rich and famous is some of them thought that maybe those things would bring them happiness. But what, in fact, does is having a cause, having a passion. And that’s really what gives life’s true meaning.” Ben Carson
As you can see from the quote above a cause, a passion and therefore, purpose is what will give you a life transformed from dull to amazing. It won’t require you to spend thousands of dollars or go to extreme lengths. Instead it will require some soul searching, thinking, goal setting, planning and action taking.
You can have all the latest gadgets, fast cars, new clothes, holidays and top job but unless you are passionate about what you do and why you do it, they will feel worthless and hold little meaning for you. They may make you feel excited and happy in the beginning but over time they lose significance and no longer have the power to engender positive emotions.
If you want to find fulfilment and happiness, then it’s time to focus on what you can do to create it in your life. Instead of focusing on material things consider what you can do to create a difference in the world. It doesn’t have to be massive and impact the entire population of the Earth. It may be something that you feel passionately about that is local to you.
By taking up a cause or a passion project that is bigger than you it allows you to start making an impact on the world around you. By giving yourself to this passion you will receive energy, positivity, excitement and happiness.
It may be that your passion is to write children’s books. Your books would then inspire a new generation of children to read and learn. You would be creating a legacy with the power to affect future generations.
Don’t let life pass you by. You don’t have to accept a miserable or mundane existence. You have the power to create the life you want. Find your passion and purpose, follow it and create a life of joy, excitement, challenge and adventure that can inspire others and create a legacy you’re proud to leave.