Why understanding Zen can be important if you are depressed Depression is something that so many people deal with all the time. It can be a very big problem if it is left untreated. Depression can also come in so many different forms. It is going to depend on the person and how they are affected by all that depression can do to them. Some people have to have extension treatment for their depression. Many do not realize that Zen can be a very important part of the healing process for depression.Many women and men will experience depression an all that it can do to them. It will all depend on the hormone levels that the person’s body is going through at the time of their depression. Buddhism and Zen are going to go hand in had to be a good approach to the depression problem that many are facing today. This is going to be a different point of view and something new for a person to try and get their life back on the high note that it once was on. Being able to see the good in Zen can help a person und