Zen and Addiction

A lot of people will turn to Zen when they are trying to overcome an addiction. This is because it allows a person to find control in a life that they find to be out of control. For a lot of people they don’t understand that there is two parts to an addiction. You have the part that describes the addition. Basically you want it, you are it. This is how the first part of addiction goes it; it’s almost like an part of your personality and also he shows character. Then there is the part where you crave something that is very good. A lot of people are able to find control with Zen, but they are also able to repeat something that feels good and it’s almost like clearing your head without the purple haze. You’ll find that there are many ways to use Zen, but Zen is often used to find control. This is why it is a perfect remedy for addiction.

Often when you are coming out of the haze or getting over the goods, you’ll find that it’s hard for you to sit still or even control your thoughts and feelings. When you take the time to sit yourself down and focus on one thing you’ll soon find that there is a total awareness of yourself and also awareness of others that will help you to focus on something other than drugs. You’ll need to keep in mind that drugs is a lifestyle that you’ll have to change in order to stay clean, but you can use Zen as a way to control your addiction cravings. Keep in mind that addiction, like many other things, is simply mind over matter. Another point that needs to be made is that a lot of people will try drugs or start drinking in order to rid themselves of their unpleasant feelings of depression or stress. This is where it tends to get tricky. You’ll find that drug use will also cause depression. Of course, it feels good the first few times, but then you’ll find that it ruins the body and it also loses it’s “feel good” rep. You’ll find that if you use Zen, you’ll be able to stabilize your feelings and you’ll also be able to help yourself by finding a new, creative way to take back some control. Control is a big issue when it comes to things like drug use and drinking. To break the habit you are going to have to take control over your feelings and emotions, but you’ll also need to get through the rough patches by relying on yourself. Zen can help you achieve all of that and more.

With Zen meditation you will be able to product effects like a drug or like you would get from drinking. You are able to find that highest high, but also you can bring your body down to the lowest of lows. This is why it helps stop the drug pattern and also it will help to lower your cravings. You’ll need to keep in mind that reality is reality and there is no form of drug or drink that can ever change that. You’ll need to keep in mind that your perception of reality is false when you are on drugs. With the help of Zen, you’ll be able to forget about your troubles (clear your head), but also do it in a way that does not cloud your concept of reality or life. This is truly the safest way for you to help heal yourself from a drug or alcohol addiction.