Finding Six Sigma Job Opportunities

Most of the reputed companies are laying emphasis on quality and managing costs with the improvement of processes kept as an underlying foundation. “Six sigma” is becoming very prominent because of its application in a business environment. All these factors have created a greater demand for six sigma professionals. Six sigma career opportunities are on the rise within the organization and outside the organization. It is especially beneficial for people who have excelled in their previous jobs, brilliant people are finding fulfilling and new career due to the six sigma methodology adopted by companies. To become a part of the six sigma implementation, the person should have great experience in various managerial positions and at least mastering one of them.

Growth opportunities within the organization:

Career enhancement is possible within the organization by getting a black belt or a green belt in six sigma methodology with an appropriate training in it. Companies which have decided to implement six sigma often hire a professional as a consultant initially although they will not be making any decisions in the strategy planning. Upper management normally would like to give opportunities to its existing employees beginning with a green belt at the execution level, a black belt professional for problem solving level and a master black belt at the uppermost position.

Opportunities outside the organization:

Job search portals will give a better idea of the need of six sigma professionals who are either fresh or experienced professionals with a black belt. Black belt professionals are higher in demand than the green belt professions due to their problem solving capabilities with solid experience.

Requisites and aptitude to become a six sigma professional:

Both the green belt and black belt candidates should have an open mind and strong analytical capabilities. They should be in a position to question everything with a view to make core contribution to the organization. Above all, high level of motivation and self confidence is very important and necessary. Black belt professionals have to focus on analytical and problem solving aspect while dedicating all their time in the process of implementing it. Green belts have to focus on routine responsibilities and may not be able to dedicate all the time. They are expected to be studious, flexible enough, understand statistical tools and have good interpersonal skills.

Six sigma training:

Six sigma training methodology is not standardized and are not universal. Hence organizations should research and recognize the right institute for training professionals. Many corporations have their own training facilities and are provided to people who will be working for them for quite sometime.