Is There a Simple Method to Make Money?

Reading advertisements has become a popular kind of home business. Hundreds of websites offer this opportunity to make money from the computer at home in a quick and comfortable way.

How It Works

People can join these websites as member. They have to pay a membership fee in order to get money for reading advertisements. They have to surf a certain number of advertisements daily to get eligible for payments. They receive a percentage of their membership fee for reading advertisements.

An example how it works:

Website ABC offers 9% of the membership fee for viewing 14 ads daily. The member has to view ads during 14 days in succession. The website pays out a percentage of 126% after the term of 14 days. This means a member who has paid a fee of $50 gets $63 after 14 days. This is a profit of $13 or 26%.

It sounds too good to be true. Most of the people only get a few percents on their saving accounts at a bank for the whole year. There are some loopholes that have to be considered.

The Loopholes

Most of this so called autosurf programs that offer money for reading advertisements come and disappear after a few weeks or months. They just run out of cash from newly acquired members and thus are not able to pay longer. Other autosurf programs are just criminal scams. Their operators try to cash in as much money as possible within a few weeks, take the money and disappear. This has caused a bad reputation of the autosurf industry.

Make Money – Avoid Losses

New people still flock into these programs although they are risky. They just sound too juicy. Some programs sustain longer than others and some programs try to remit at least a part of the membership fees, if they come to an end. What distinguishes a half way honest program from an apparently criminal scam?

The programs that try to be honest are not anonymous. They do not hide their privacy. The real names, addresses and telephone numbers of the owners are displayed at Alexa website or at whois source websites. All the criminal scam sites keep their ownership’s identity protected.

If a person risks some money in surfing advertisements, she or he is well advised to prefer autosurf programs with a transparent ownership.

There are clever guys who make good money with surfing advertisements. Many people, however, burn their savings in the autosurf industry.

It is easy to avoid the most apparent risk: joining a program with an anonymous ownership. People who are transparent usually feel more responsibility than people who have to hide something. It can be simple to make some nice money in these programs, but it is not that simple as it looks.