Start your own Welcome Service!

Did you know that one of the easiest home based businesses to start was a Welcome Service? Start now and the opportunities are endless! You will be amazed to know that there is no or very little competition in most local areas. You will earn money from local businesses who want their products and services to reach the new home owners.

So now you are wondering what the Welcome Service business is all about. A welcome service delivers discounts, specials, maps, community tips and other valuable information of local businesses to new home owners. This information is in the form of promotional, newsletters, gift bags, envelopes or maybe even a Compact Disc (CD). You can even come up with your own creative way of packing for the local business.

You can deliver these by visiting the new home owners in your area.

Home owners love this type of service because they get valuable information in one big package – free! Your income will come from the fee that businesses will give you in order to be in the packet. The local businesses love to sponsor welcome services because it gives them access to new home owners easily – through you. So you can enjoy the profits of this low cost business and operate easily.

This type of business would potentially work in large urban areas, than in places where new residents move in rarely. This will work out well for you if you are a person who loves social interaction and networking with business owners.

There are two aspects to this business: identifying new neighbors, and soliciting local businesses. You will need a system to determine whether new neighbors are moving in, maybe by keeping watch of all movers trucks that are coming in, keeping a close tab on all the ‘For Rent’ signs that go up or get listed in the local papers, or by keeping in close contact with real estate agents to alert you when someone rents a property in the area.

At least initially, the main bulk of the work will be assembling the packet – and this means going from one business to another soliciting part of their advertising or marketing money.

Of course, the more businesses that you win over, the greater your income will be. This aspect may be easy or hard, depending on how well you know business owners or store managers in your area. Networking is extremely important; otherwise the notice “No Solicitation” in many businesses and local stores may stop you in your tracks!