What do you do if you have no list and no products?

What can you do to give yourself a flying start?

What Practical steps can you take to make some money now, stay inspired and on track ?

You are trying to get started in Internet Marketing. Trying to create a website, find a hot niche or compete with heaps of people to sell some free resale ebooks.

A lot of people stop at this point and say it is all too hard. Now how could you make it easier on yourself and make some money at the same time.

You can sell other people’s products through good quality affiliate programs. This is a simple way to get started on making money now. The good quality affiliate programs will also help you get started.

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Good quality programs with have two tiers.

The first tier will pay you a % of direct sales. This means that people that click on your affiliate link in your email or from your website and then purchase a product. The sites that I promote pay you 50% for the first tier and pay reliably. Beware of affiliate programs that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

The second tier is when you refer somebody to the affiliate program and they make a sale. You will get a % of that sale. The % is much smaller but all you had to do is introduce them once and then you can enjoy a % of all their ongoing sales.
The sites that I promote pay 10% for the second tier.

The first tier sounds good of course, but you need to have some skills to get people to go to the site and buy. If you are a beginner this can be challenging and frustrating when you get little results.

So what you do is find some people already in those niches that have lists and invite them to become affiliates. They can send out a broadcast to their list and you can start making tier two sales and money in a couple of days.

Now you may become hooked on this and keep doing this or you may start to use the profits to develop your own website, products and lists.

If you develop your own products it will require work to create them, update them, add new backend products and you need to create a plan and make a commitment to doing that and making it work.

If you go the affiliate route there is always new products to promote that are hot topics and the affiliate programs will often run promotions to help you sell their products.

I heard a line in a movie from this rich powerful billionaire type. He said in a cultured British accent. The art of good business is being a great middleman.

So have a good think about what you are committed to and suited to doing. Are you really passionate about creating your own products or do you want to simply enjoy selling other peoples products?

Both are exciting and rewarding, but in the beginning do what works for you and puts dollars in your pocket. This success will help a lot to carry you through with enthusiasm.