Nine Myths about Anorexia

There are many myths and erroneous ideas about anorexia that are important to know about if you want to work toward finding a cure. Going down the wrong path due to false beliefs can be dangerous and counterproductive to anyone who wants to recover or who has friends and or family suffering from this condition. … Read more

Signs That a Loved One Is Anorexic

It can be horrifying if you think a loved one has anorexia. However, there are some signs you can look to as you try to help them. Remember that the best way to approach this is to talk to an expert about your concerns before approaching your loved one. They Express Compulsive Weight Concerns It’s … Read more

11 Signs That You May Be Anorexic

If you’re reading this article because you think that you may be anorexic, the best thing to do is to talk to your health care provider about it. Even if you have none of these issues or just one of them, you could still be anorexic or be on the verge of becoming anorexic. You … Read more

Ten Things Not to Say to an Anorexic

If you know someone who has anorexia or any other type of eating disorder, there are many things you should avoid saying to them. This list offers just a few, along with things to consider when talking to anyone so that you don’t trigger uncomfortable feelings in them. 1. You Look Great Now – When … Read more

Seven Treatment Options for Anorexics

There are many treatment options for anyone with anorexia to use. There are some barriers to entry for professional therapy due to the cost but even if you don’t have health insurance, call your local clinics to find out about sliding scale fees and payment plans. The treatment doesn’t have to last forever and is … Read more

Where to Get Help and Support

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder, or you’re worried that they might, finding help outside of yourself is imperative. Remember, even if you are wrong, it’s better to find out now than wait for this disease to get worse. People do die from anorexia. It’s much easier to get under control … Read more

Anorexia and Social Media

Social media is a fact of life today. It has permeated every aspect of our lives, both public and personal. It’s used by most of society, whether young or old, and it has a significant impact on the people who use it – and even those who don’t, because you cannot escape the images it … Read more

Eight Common Questions about Anorexia

Anorexia is defined as the inability to eat due to fear of weight gain. Most people diagnosed with anorexia are underweight, but some are not – especially if it’s caught early in the preteen years. The main thing to know about people with anorexia is that they see themselves as very overweight and have a … Read more

11 Long-Term Recovery Tips for Overcoming Anorexia

To recover from an eating disorder like anorexia, it will require you to work hard to normalize your physical, nutritional, psychological, and emotional health surrounding food. For most people, depending on how severe their symptoms became, it will take a period for months or even years to fully recover. These long-term recovery tips for overcoming … Read more

Mental Health Issues Often Linked to Anorexia

Anorexia is a mental illness that often comes with other types of mental illnesses that are in a similar category. In fact, anyone who has any of the associated psychiatric disorders below is at a higher risk of becoming anorexic. Depression People who suffer from various levels of depression sometimes act out their depression by … Read more