The Truth About Celiac Disease

People that have been diagnosed with this condition probably already know all things about it. But for those around them that do not understand, celiac disease is a condition that affects the digestive system. More specifically, it is a condition that is set off by eating foods with protein gluten. The truth about celiac disease … Read more

Oats And Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a condition brought about by the accumulation of gluten. Gluten is protein preset in bread, pasta, cookies, crust and other food that is made out of wheat, barley or rye. Oats also contain the protein gluten. There are many controversies surrounding oats and celiac disease. A person with celiac disease experiences vitamin … Read more

Fighting Celiac Disease

Fighting celiac disease is a lifelong intestinal disorder. Celiac disease is triggered by the ingestion of gluten and may result to vitamin, mineral, and nutritional deficiencies. Patients inflicted with this disease need to follow a rigid and lifelong diet. Fighting celiac disease is a very difficult task to do and is not only the battle … Read more

Existing Treatment For Celiac Disease

Instead of going round and round, I’m going to tell you now: there’s no existing treatment that could cure Celiac disease. There’s no one medicine that can help eliminate the symptoms. There’s no one operation that can solve the problem. However, there are ways to manage the disease. The symptoms are bad and can be … Read more

Diagnosing Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a known disease of the small intestine. With celiac disease, the intestine experiences an immunological or allergic reaction. The small intestine does not absorb the nutrients of the food digested. This leads to nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Diagnosing celiac disease early is very important to prevent any critical illness. Celiac disease … Read more

Cooking For Celiac Disease

Celiac disease patients experience a digestive disorder that forces them to follow a specific diet. Celiac disease patients show digestive problem with food that has gluten in it, like wheat, barley and rye. Therefore cooking for patients with celiac disease patients can be a challenge. A gluten- free diet means avoiding food that contains gluten … Read more

Celiac Disease- Digesting The Root Of The Problem

There’s no one symptom that can be used to diagnose Celiac disease. The condition, which simply can be described as a form of gluten intolerance, is a combination of symptoms. In fact, there are many cases where the disease has been misdiagnosed because the symptoms it shares with other digestive and allergy related diseases. Among … Read more

Celiac Disease And Other Digestive Disorders

Celiac disease is also known as sprue, nontropical sprue or gluten- sensitive enteropathy. Celiac disease occurs to people who cannot tolerate gluten, a protein substance present in barley, wheat and rye. Celiac disease is a digestive disorder. There are also other digestive disorders that are often confused with celiac disease like the irritable bowel syndrome. … Read more

A Family Approach To Celiac Disease

For protein lovers, Celiac disease is one thing they wouldn’t want to inherit from the family genes. Fortunately, its treatment can also be ensured within the family and in the home. Celiac disease is a digestive order that can run from one generation to another. The disease causes severe damage to the small intestines as … Read more

A Celiac Disease Urban Legend

Now urban legends are urban folklore that were created by stories weaved together and circulated around until most people have accepted them as truths. There are different kinds of urban myths and covers a wide range of subject matter. It’s not impossible to find that even diseases have their own folklore. A celiac disease urban … Read more