Celebrating Special Occasions and Juvenile Diabetes

You may be worried about the long-term effects on your child once they are diagnosed with diabetes but their immediate concerns may be quite different. It is natural for them to focus on things they can’t have anymore or might miss out on. Such as cake and ice cream at birthday parties, candy from Halloween, … Read more

Support from Friends and Family

Telling friends and family about your child being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes may bring about mixed emotions. You don’t want your child to be pitied, you don’t want them to be looked at differently, yet you do need people to understand that your child will need some special considerations sometimes. When you first tell people … Read more

Checking for Ketones in Juvenile Diabetics

Another part of the routine for monitoring and controlling juvenile diabetes is checking for the presence of ketones. This is done by dipping a stick available at drug stores into your child’s urine. If ketones are present the end of the stick will turn a certain color. By matching the color of the stick with … Read more

The Risk Factors for Juvenile Diabetes

Although there is no known cause for juvenile diabetes there are risk factors that can contribute to the likeliness a child will be diagnosed with the disease. As some forms of type 1 diabetes are an autoimmune disease you can be at a higher risk if you have already been diagnosed with a different autoimmune … Read more

Complications Associated with Juvenile Diabetes

As with any disease there are possible complications and side effects and juvenile diabetes is no exception. The risks and complications associated with this disease are serious but can be mitigated with careful monitoring and control of your child’s blood sugars. All people that have been diagnosed with diabetes need to have their eyes checked … Read more

The Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes

If diabetes runs in your family, you may already be aware of the symptoms to look for to see if your child might have juvenile diabetes. If the disease is prevalent in your family, your doctor may run routine screening tests as a precautionary measure in the form of blood work. But this isn’t always … Read more

Different Kinds of Insulin

There are different brands of insulin that are available but in each brand there are two different kinds of insulin that are used to control juvenile diabetes. One is known as fast-acting insulin – once it is injected it acts quickly in your child’s system. The other type of insulin is called slow-acting or last-lasting … Read more

Traveling and Juvenile Diabetes

Planning on a family vacation? Don’t worry trips and other family outings do not have to be restricted because your child has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. You can do it all still but there are some extra preparations and planning that will have to happen first. The preparations you make is going to be … Read more

Treatment for Juvenile Diabetes

A child who is diagnosed with juvenile diabetes is going to need to follow a treatment plan for the rest of their life. But they will have a lot of support. And there have been many advances and improvements in the diabetic treatment industry in way of needles and monitoring devices. Knowing your child’s blood … Read more