Affirmations for a Wealth-Building Mindset

If you want to become wealthy, changing your mindset is the first place to start. If you think about money and wealth in a negative way, you are going to get only negative results. One great way to make this shift into positively thinking about money is with affirmations. What are Wealth-Building Affirmations? An affirmation … Read more

Bad Money Habits to Break

It is great to have a goal of becoming wealthy and successful, but before you can do that, you need to look at some of the bad money habits you currently have. We aren’t just talking about setting a budget and saving money, but looking at the unhealthy mindsets you have about money. Telling Yourself … Read more

Easy Tips for Wealth-Building

If one of your biggest life goals is to become wealthy, the good news is that this is entirely possible! With the right mindset shifts and some planning, you can set your sights high and get there. Here are some tips for changing your mindset in order to build more wealth and success in your … Read more

How Money Mindsets are Formed

Your money mindset is thew ay you think about money and wealth. It is your perception of wealth, how you think people become wealthy, and whether you love or hate money. Believe it or not, these are not mindsets you form in your adulthood, but adolescence. The first words you hear about money are what … Read more

How to Change Your Money Story

Your money story isn’t just the story you tell yourself about money and wealth, but what you tell others about your own experience with money. It is related to your money mindset, your attitude about money, and your history with making money. But like all stories in your life, you have the power to change … Read more

How to Transform Your Money Mindset

If you have learned recently that you don’t have a healthy money mindset, your first question is probably – okay what now? The good news is that it can always be changed! You are in control of your mind, thoughts, and emotions, even if it doesn’t feel like it. This means you can change your … Read more

Money Mindset Myths

When it comes to the way people think about money, there are many myths that can hold you back if you believe in them. It is not uncommon to take these myths and cliches to heart, but they don’t have to be your story, just because they are someone else’s. Here are some myths and … Read more

What is a Healthy Money Mindset?

A healthy money mindset is one where you have a positive, uplifting, and encouraging mindset about making money. It is a wealth mindset, where you focus more on abundance instead of scarcity. It is your attitude about money, and one that is built on the idea that you and anyone else can earn as much … Read more

Why You Need to Improve Your Money Mindset

With all this talk about money mindsets and how your story about money is helping or hurting your own wealth status, a common question comes up – why should you care? Th way you perceive money and wealth actually has a much more drastic effect on your life and the choices you make. Here are … Read more

6 Books to Read to Improve Your Money Mindset

When it comes to changing your mindset about money, listening to the experts is key. Here are 6 of the top books about money mindset, building wealth, and changing your perspective on money and what it means to be successful. 1. You Are a Badass at Making Money – by Jen Sincero One of the … Read more