How to Change Your Money Story

Your money story isn’t just the story you tell yourself about money and wealth, but what
you tell others about your own experience with money. It is related to your money
mindset, your attitude about money, and your history with making money. But like all
stories in your life, you have the power to change your money story.

What is Your Current Money Story?

Everyone has a money story, which is simply a collection of your experiences so far
with money, and your money mindset. Think about your honest thoughts about money
and wealth, and write it down.

What do you tell yourself about money on a daily basis? If you have debt, does it
become a burden that causes anxiety and makes you feel like you will never get out of
it? Or do you think of it as a temporary situation that is totally fixable?

This is the simple difference between a positive or negative mindset, which is going to
impact your money story.

Write down what your story is, and analyze whether it seems more positive or negative.

Know What You Want Your Money Story to Be

What do you want your story to be? How do you want your money mindset to change?
What would you want to tell your kids or grandkids about your wealth status? This is the
start of your own money story and will have an amazing impact on where your life goes
from here.

If you want to be wealthy, write that down, and include as many details as you can.
Write down what you would do with your money, and what you want your story to be.
What do you want others to say about your status and financial situation?

What Has Been Holding You Back?

When you think about your current money story compared to what you want it to be,
what is the difference? There is likely something holding you back, often starting with
your limiting beliefs about money.

By now, you have probably figured out why your money sorry is the way it is. It could be
influences from your childhood where your parents convinced you that people with
money are a certain way, or that money turns people bad or evil. Maybe you just have a
scarcity mindset where you don’t think there is enough wealth for you.

Use This Knowledge to Create a New Story

Now with this new insight, you are able to start creating a new money story for yourself.
When it comes to having a positive money mindset and story, it isn’t about just wishing
it and hoping it coms true. This is just the start, with your actions and choices to follow.