How to Increase Your Internet Banking Security

Internet banking companies are working hard to make their servers as secure as possible. They work with experts in the field of security. They hire computer-hacking consultants to show them the vulnerabilities of their systems. There are also things you can do. The bank will suggest, if not require, that your browser have 128-bit encryption. … Read more

Why Some People Fear Internet Banking

Some people could not be happier with internet banking. Others fear it and want no part of it. Sometimes these people will give you reasons for their fears. Other times, they will just say they do not like it and leave it at that. Some people are simply shy. They do not want to even … Read more

Your Consumer Rights in Internet Banking

There is much controversy over whose responsibility it is when something goes wrong in internet banking. Banks sometimes step up and hold themselves accountable for security measures as they should. Other banks want to lay the burden on the consumer. You do have rights as a customer of internet banking. For example, a phishing scheme … Read more

How to Pay Bills through Internet Banking Services

Internet banking can make paying bills a quick, easy task. Once you set it up, it can be done automatically, if you choose to make it that way. Or, you can pay each bill individually. Either way, you be more accurate and save time as well. Some internet banking companies allow you to do online … Read more

How to Prevent Internet Banking Fraud

Internet banking, like any other business arena, is susceptible to fraud. Phonies abound in every type of business, and this is no different. Yet, there are some ways you can prevent being taken. One kind of fraud is done on fake bank sites. These are look-alike sites that imitate your internet banking website. They sometimes … Read more

How to Start Using Internet Banking

Perhaps you have decided that internet banking is for you. Now, you have to get set up so that you can start using online services. Depending on which kind of Internet Company you are going to use, there are different ways to start using internet banking. If you want to register for internet banking with … Read more

Internet Banking and Investing

Internet banking investing is ideal for those who have a little more than is needed for a small savings account. Although internet banking savings accounts do better than traditional accounts, investment accounts have much more potential. The first thing to remember, though, is that internet banking investment accounts are not FDIC insured. You are taking … Read more

Internet Banking and Privacy Policies

Privacy policy legislation affects internet banking just as it does any other type of banking establishment. You might want to keep your personal information private. If so, it is good to know how your bank treats privacy policy. A study was done to determine how well different banks, including internet banking companies, dealt with privacy … Read more

Internet Banking Research

Much research was done on internet banking even before it was started. The research continues to this day, with more and more participants involved. As people use internet banking more, it gives researchers more reasons and subjects to study. One study showed the devastation of identity theft on individuals. They had trouble getting jobs, loans, … Read more