Why You May Not Want to Dismiss Gluten from Your Diet

Gluten has received a bad reputation in recent years. While it is true that people with Celiac Disease must eliminate it from their diets because of a medical need, and that there are other people who have gluten sensitivities, you may not want to dismiss gluten quite yet. As consumers become more health conscious, they … Read more

Why Fruits and Vegetables Are Such an Important Part of Clean Eating

If you decide to implement clean eating as part of a healthy lifestyle, fruits and vegetables are an important staple. You undoubtedly know that they contain vitamins and minerals necessary for good nutrition. For example, oranges contain Vitamin C. Kiwi is another fruit that contains even more Vitamin C than oranges, and it also contains … Read more

What Kind of Eggs Should You Buy?

Until recently, egg yolks had been given a bad reputation for elevating people’s blood cholesterol levels. Numerous studies have, however, proven that egg yolks, and other sources of dietary cholesterol, are not responsible for elevating blood cholesterol levels. In fact, egg whites and yolks contain healthy protein and vitamins that your body requires.If you’ve decided … Read more

4 Unexpected Benefits of Following a Clean Diet

You may be considering starting a clean-eating diet. Clean eating involves eating more whole vegetables and fruits, less salt, less sugar, and more unrefined foods – the way nature intended them to be. Everyone has different reasons for deciding to make positive changes in their diets and lifestyles. Often, it is a choice to be … Read more

4 Tips for Getting Your Children to Eat Clean

If you have very small children, you are fortunate in that you have the opportunity to shape their food choices from a young age. Once children begin school, they are exposed to all sorts of different things, including foods, and not all of them are healthy. Thankfully, all is not lost. Even if you have … Read more

Is Tea Better for You Than Coffee?

Although coffee’s health benefits are finally becoming more well-known, it seems like it has taken years to prove itself worthy of this recognition. Tea, on the other hand, has always seemed to have received all the accolades. So that leads to the question – is tea better for you than coffee? That answer can depend … Read more

5 Ways to Reduce Your Cravings for Sugar

If you have decided to kick the sugar habit, that is great news! Sugar cravings have been compared to drug addiction, in that giving up sugar can initially result in physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, and its hold on you is far more reaching than you may have ever realized. In fact, we have all … Read more

How Clean Eating is Different From Fad Diets

You can probably think of someone who has tried to diet, and who has failed. Perhaps you are that person. Many registered dieticians and nutritionists warn that fad diets are not sustainable in the long-term, and that they can also result in nutritional deficiencies. Fad diets have included ones that focus on high levels of … Read more