Deaf People Can Benefit From Cochlear Implants

Some people suffer from a deafness problem that cannot be corrected. Fortunately, there is a way to make them hear sounds. This is where cochlear implants come along. This device is surgically planted and instead of amplifying sounds which hearing aids do, it stimulates the functioning auditory nerves inside the cochlea with an electric field … Read more

Deafness Problems Can Be Prevented

Deafness problems occur when there is damage in the inner ear. How bad or severe it is caries and there are many factors. Fortunately, it can be prevented and here are a few tips you should know. First, you should know that hearing loss may be caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise or even … Read more

Hearing Aid For The Deaf

If you have deafness problems, the good news is that you can remedy it with hearing aids. There are different types around so you just have to find out which one is ideal for you. But what is a hearing aid? It is simply an instrument that amplifies sound. Since hearing loss is different for … Read more

How Do You Become Deaf

How do you become deaf? That is a silly question to ask but there are some people who are born with it while others develop it later on in life. Here are some of the causes why some people have deafness problems. In the case of people in the music industry, studies have shown that … Read more

Interesting Facts About People Who Are Deaf

There are a lot of interesting things that people should know about people who are deaf. In fact, some of the techniques they used to communicate with one another are used by normal people as well. Let’s start by saying that there are approximately 22 million people in the US who are deaf or who … Read more

Noise Causes Deafness Problems

Too much noise can make you deaf. If you think this is a joke, ask the estimated 10 million Americans who had had this kind of hearing problem. The kind of deafness problem they have is what is known as noise induced haring loss. This occurs when too much noise hurts the hair cells in … Read more

There Are Celebrities Who Have Deafness Problems

There are celebrities who have deafness problems and you just don’t know it. Read this article to find out who some of these people are. If you love the series and the movie Star Trek, both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy suffer from deafness problems. Sadly for these two individuals, this was caused a loud … Read more

Treatment For Deafness Problems

There are many causes to deafness problems. It could be genetic, from an accident, an illness or the side effects of medication. One thing you have to keep in mind though is that it is not an illness but a symptom of an underlying disorder. Deafness problems can be classified into two namely conductive hearing … Read more

Who Among The Famous Musicians Had Deafness Problems

Some of the best musicians in the world had deafness problems. If you think that is not possible, here are a few names you have probably heard of. The first is Ludwig van Beethoven. You know, that classical German composer and pianist. At the age of 26, he began to lose his hearing since he … Read more