Distance Running and the Olympics

One of the oldest track events included in the ancient Olympics is the long-distance run. By definition, any distance event of at least two kilometers is counted as distance running. Endurance is of paramount value in this competition. Like low-fuel F1 race cars, competitors must sustain their energies so as to seamlessly run towards the … Read more

What is Distance Running?

Distance running, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica is any foot race that ranges from 3,000 meters to 42,195 kilometers (basic length for marathon). It includes sprints, middle distance, long distance, marathon, ultra running, and multiday running. Olympic events are held on track with length ranges between 5,000 to 10,000-metre races and marathons are held on … Read more

Getting Set for Distance Running

Training is an essential part of every athlete’s life. It dictates how he will perform on the grand stage of the sporting event he has chosen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ball player or a budding swimmer you have to pay your dues in training in order for your body to be readily equipped … Read more

Women’s Distance Running Apparel: Not Just for Fashion

Women runners are often featured sporting branded sports apparel and gears—from wristbands and socks to water bottles and sunglasses. And so many women who engage or aspire to engage in distance running follow suit and go shopping for similar running wear. Others, on the other hand, simply ignore such sports apparels and dismiss them as … Read more

How to Avoid Injury During Distance Running Training

Risk of injury increases as you take serious change in your distance running training schedule. Change can be either in the number of days of training schedule (doing six or seven days a week of daily regular run) or in some work you do during regular steady runs. A good coach will help you evaluate … Read more

How to Become Successful in Distance Running

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” says an ancient Chinese wisdom. The following guidelines are surefire ways for you to reach your goals of becoming best in the sport of distant running: 1.) Evaluate your abilities – There is a wide gap between your true limits and what you visualize … Read more

How’s Distance Running for Your Kid?

Parents feel happy to see their baby take his/her first steps. Then they get to really amuse themselves when their kiddo learns to run, even clumsily. And when in the next few years they see that their child can run quite faster than other children of his/her age, they encourage their child to join marathons … Read more

Nutrition And Distance Running

Unlike other sports people, distance runners need carbohydrates for their nutritional needs in the endurance sport of distance running. While other sports like, say weightlifting that rely mostly on proteins, runners depend heavily on carbohydrates. The main reason, of course, is that different sports have different goals. Weightlifting, for instance, puts a heavy premium on … Read more

Positive Body Effects of Distance Running

Our body reacts to strenuous activity like distance running in two ways: acute reaction and training effect. Acute reaction is when your heart rate speeds up, your stroke volume increases, your ventilation rate and depth of breathing increase, your blood pressure rises, and your muscles feel some fatigue. However, when an activity becomes regular routine … Read more