The Dark Side of Fish Oil: The Side Effects

First you need to understand that fish oil has a lot of benefits. The omega-3 fish oil belongs to the essential fatty acids which our body needs. Our body does not have any capabilities of producing the omega-3 so we rely on external sources, mainly fish rich in oil, as our main source. The fact … Read more

Customer Knowledge: Buying Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil has many benefits to our overall health, whether it is for the heart or brain. Research showed that fish oil can reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancers, mental and psychological disorders and other sicknesses. The market is full of fish oil products, but how do we make sure that what we get … Read more

The Healing Benefits of Fish oil

“What are the healing benefits of Fish oil and how can it help someone with cardio vascular diseases?” This is one of today’s biggest question on one of this century’s enigmatic disease called cardio vascular diseases, which is often associated with one’s lifestyle, diet and even stress and depression. The primary cause of cardio vascular … Read more

Brain Food: Fish Oil And Your Brain

Fish oil is not only good for the heart and for our overall health, this is also good for our brain. Fish oil comes from fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines and anchovies. It contains Omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA. These kind of Omega-3 fatty acids cannot … Read more

The History of Fish Oil

A breakthrough in medicine practice happened 550 million years ago was brought about by single-cell algae. There was an explosion in biological diversity as multi-cell organisms started to evolve from single-cell algae. These new organisms had to develop a communication system to enable specialized cells to transmit messages to one another. The purpose of communication … Read more

Fish Oil Effects That You Can Avoid

There has been a lot of buzz about fish oil and its benefits. Researches and studies have proved the numerous health benefits that fish oil can give. But every coin has two sides. So, is it possible for something beneficial like fish oil, to have bad effects, as well? Yes, it is possible. If you … Read more

Understanding Fish Oil

Fish oil has a long history of being used as a nutritional supplement. It is generally derived from oil coming from the tissues of oily fish. There are many sources of fish that the world gets its fish oil supply from. But about 50 percent of all fish oil production in the world comes from … Read more

Fish Oil For The Heart

It seems that a lot of research and studies are showing how effective fish oil is in helping improve our heart conditions. Studies in Denmark showed that fish oil could reduce heart attacks by 50 %. While the Journal of American Medical Association published a report from Harvard School of Public Health that states that … Read more

Updates On The Benefits Of Fish Oil

Many scientists believe that the discovery of fish oil as brain food 150,000 years ago became is the starting point that separates modern humans from the ragtag band of earlier species. The discovery was actually an accident since fat or oil from fish was a common diet of many early people in the East African … Read more

Fish Oil Grades

Fish oil production does not just provide one type of end product. In fact, there are also other grades of fish oil being produced. The three types of fish oil produced today depend on their level of quality. Cod Liver Oil Cod liver oil, despite its popularity as a nutritional supplement, is considered as a … Read more