Health Drinks: A History

Ancient Chinese have long believed in the benefits of drinking natural health drinks to improve one’s health disposition. Tea has been drunk for at least 4,000 years. While coffee has been around for centuries. Both have immense benefits for health improvement. Tea was first discovered in China in 2737 B.C. According to Chinese records, the … Read more

Health Drinks and Their Benefits

Health drinks have become increasingly popular nowadays. Before it was difficult to find health drink supplement, but currently there seems to countless options that you can choose from. Right now the question is if you can find a health drink that truly has health benefits. Because of the competition, there are health drinks out there … Read more

How can Natural Health Drinks Help you Save Some Money?

Since people are more conscious about the overall health than before, more and more products have emerged in the market. Aside from healthy food alternatives, one of the most consumed products that are believed to aid wellness are health drinks. Experts say that a person’s body is required to consume at least 60 ounces of … Read more

Is Coffee a Health Drink?

Coffee lovers, the people who love coffee would be surprised to hear that their most beloved drink can also be considered as a health drink nowadays. Before, coffee is not considered as a health drink because of its high caffeine content. But now, more and more studies show that coffee—in moderation—can be considered as a … Read more

Popular Health Drink Alternatives

Health drinks have become a popular trend in achieving a healthy body. However, commercial health drinks that are available in the market today can be expensive than the usual drinks. Since they are specially formulated to contain vitamins and minerals, the manufacturers charge higher for their health drinks. If you are one of those who … Read more

Red Wine as a Health Drink

Many people don’t realize it but wine—specifically red wine—is a health drink if consumed in moderation. This is because studies show that red wine is rich in antioxidants. More and more scientific findings show that red wine owes its health benefits from the high level of antioxidants called “resveratrol,” a kind of polyphenol known as … Read more

Tea is a Health Drink

When you travel, the stewardess will go around the plane serving food, snacks and drinks. When he or she asks what you want to drink, try asking for tea instead since it is considered to be a health drink. Tea has been served for thousands of years. They come from leaves and when heated, provide … Read more

Black Tea is also a Health Drink

Tea is a good health drink. While some prefer Green Tea, did you know that you can get the same benefits by drinking Black Tea? This is because Green tea and Black tea come from the same plant. In fact, there are two other teas that can also be made namely oolong and white tea. … Read more

The Healthy and Unhealthy Drinks

Wondering why you don’t eat too much but still keep on gaining weight? Then maybe you drink is not healthy at all. There are hundreds of beverages out there that can boost your waistline. You have to be cautious of what you drink. Coffee, although it has significant health effects, can be making you fat. … Read more

Can Coffee be a Health Drink?

A few years ago, there were studies saying that coffee can be associated with cancer. This prompted people to avoid drinking the caffeinated drink. A few years after that study, researches have recounted the research quoting that the research is flawed. Current research have showed that coffee can give the body a lot of benefits. … Read more