Basic Meditation Exercises

Meditation exercises are effective means of reducing stress and teaching your body and mind to relax. Not only that, such exercises can also help build self-confidence and self-esteem. And most importantly, just like any other exercise, it can help you maintain your good health and keep you in great shape. There are many types of … Read more

Things You Should Know About Zen Meditation

We all have to deal with stress from either work or school. You can’t close your eyes to make it go away but you can find peace so you can deal with it. One technique that can offer this is called Zen meditation. Zen meditation is often referred to as the study of the self. … Read more

Useful Meditation Instructions At Home

Different meditation techniques follow their own set of meditation instructions in order to be effective and lead a person to a higher level of relaxation and consciousness. These guidelines are there to help provide the steps that an individual can follow as he or she begins a meditation session. Duration may differ according to the … Read more

Using Meditation Tapes

Meditation has become a popular form of relaxation among people who always find themselves stressed out often in their lives. Meditation can be a very effective coping mechanism and as a valuable means to combat stress. The most convenient means of practicing meditation techniques can be done with the use of meditation tapes. The practice … Read more

Meditation and Relaxation

Numerous studies have shown that there is a direct link between meditation and relaxation. What distinguishes this from the other techniques is that with meditation, your mind continues to be focused and alert when you learn to focus on an object, a thought or by visualization. But which should you focus on? The answer depends … Read more

No More Sitting On The Floor Thanks To Meditation Chairs

One of the most challenging things when meditating is finding the right sitting position. This is because your legs could become numb after some time which is why even if there is already meditation cushion in the market, there are some who still prefer to use meditation chairs instead. When you look at a meditation … Read more

Meditation Cushions

Most forms of meditation require the person to sit in a comfortable position. You can do this by getting a mat or a chair. But since this does not always make you feel at ease, someone decided to make meditation cushions. What is a meditation cushion? Basically these are aids in meditation that do not … Read more

Meditation Facts

These days, going to the doctor when you are sick is not the only way so you will feel better. According to the National Center for Complementary Medicine, meditation is among the top 10 alternative therapy treatments. But before we get into that, it is best we learn some meditation facts. First, meditation means awareness. … Read more

Meditation Methods

There are numerous meditation methods for you to try and those who are skeptic about it should simply keep an open mind. For those who are really interested, you have to do some research to find out which is the best for you. To help you along the way, here are a few that can … Read more

The Background of Meditation

Meditation generally refers to the state of concentrated focus on an object of thought or awareness. The background of meditation stems from the aim to get into a higher state of consciousness. It is usually based from ancient beliefs that make up the component of eastern religions. Its practice has bee going on over 5,000 … Read more