Protect your Kids from Spam

Spam is commercial email that is sent out in bulk to millions of people without their consent. It is may contain advertising messages for regular products and services but increasingly, it is email of an inappropriate, offensive or malicious nature. Today, many children have an email address that they use to email their friends, submit … Read more

5 Tips to Protect Yourself From the Spam in Your Inbox

You will inevitably receive some spam in your inbox – there is no getting around that fact of life. How you handle this unwanted junk mail will go a long way toward reducing or increasing the amount of spam you will receive in the future. It may also protect you from viruses, credit card fraud, … Read more

Spam -What is Your Protection Under the Law?

Spam has become an ever-increasing problem in recent years, costing legitimate businesses a great deal in both time and money. In response to the growing threat from spam, new legislation was enacted in 2003. it was called: Controlling the Assault of Non Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM act). This act created some requirements for … Read more

The What, Who, Where and Why of Spam

Spam was once just clutter in your inbox; now it is a commonly used vehicle for fraud, electronic crime and even corporate espionage. The 4 Ws of spam answer the most commonly asked questions about spam. What is Spam? Spam, also called junk email, is generally defined in the Internet industry as unsolicited commercial email … Read more

The Costs of Spam

The volume of spam that is sent out every minute of the day has reached pandemic proportions. The simple reason for this is because the cost to a spammer ranges from zero to negligible. In fact, anyone with a list of email addresses and Internet access can spam thousands, even millions of people with a … Read more

The Next Generation of Spam: Image and PDF Spam

As spam filters get increasingly effective, spammers are changing their tactics to foil anti-spam software and get through to your inbox. Recently, this has involved a shift from the use of text-based spam to the use of embedded images and PDF file attachments as the preffered delivery method for their spammy intrusions. Image Spam The … Read more

A Brief History of Spam

In the early days of the Internet, spammers primarily targeted newsgroups on USENET, the online conferencing system. These are newsgroups that are organized as forums to discuss particular topics. As electronic messaging systems advanced, it made possible the practice of crossposting – posting the exact same message to multiple newsgroups and other online forums. Spammers … Read more

Top 5 Techniques to Protect Yourself From Spam

It is virtually impossible to avoid having your email address end up on a spammer’s mailing list. You can, however, take steps to minimize the amount of spam that you receive. Here are to top five: Address Munging Never, ever post your permanent email address publicly online. Posting it on a website, on USENET, or … Read more

Anti-phishing Software

The threats posed by spam are always evolving, and phishing is one of the most recent scams the spammers have come up with. Your most important protection against phishing is vigilance and a healthy skepticism. You can, however, supplement this with Anti-phishing software programs Anti-phishing software works by detecting phishing content that may be contained … Read more