Boxing Tips: How To Keep Standing And Fighting

In boxing, there is a clear line between fighting to win and fighting not lose. If you are fighting to win, you have an offensive mindset; whereas if you are fight not to lose, you are the defensive kind who are just trying to survive the round and can’t wait to hear the sound of … Read more

Boxing Training Myths

There are so many “I-know-everything” guys out there, saying different things, do’s and don’ts about boxing, boxing training and everything in between. The funny thing is, beginners tend to believe these einsteins that they end up confused with what’s true and what’s not. You see, it’s okay to listen and take a few nods from … Read more

Buying Basic Boxing Training Equipment And Gears

In a contact sport like boxing, proper equipment and gears are essential. Here are the things you need to have when training for boxing. Gloves – A pair of boxing gloves that is both comfortable and fitted to the boxer’s hands are essential. Laces should not be tightly (but not too tightly) tied around the … Read more

Cardio Kickboxing – Its Benefits And Some Safety Tips

Employing cardio kickboxing as your means to achieve a healthy and fit physique will entail the pursuance of a formal training which is of course handled by a professional trainer. As you are able to get on with your own pace and as you have already gauged your own abilities, then it is the perfect … Read more

Foxy Boxing – The Women’s Craft

It may be a term that is rarely used. Foxy boxing is the name that is used to refer to the boxing match that is conducted between two women as the participants. This is entirely different from that of the match that is participated in by the men. The men often compete based on their … Read more

Basic Boxing Punches

Boxing requires that you are able to move well, keep your hands up, stay strong throughout the game, and be tougher if your opponent is tough. But most of all, boxing requires you to learn how to thrown a punch properly. Below are the things you must first learn: Straight – A straight punch is … Read more

Getting To Know Kickboxing As A Sport And An Exercise

Kickboxing is a form of a sporting martial art which incorporates several other sports. It is closely linked to boxing which is a sport that makes use of only the arms and fists. The main difference lies in the fact that this martial art sport makes use of both the hands and the feet. It … Read more

Basics Of Amateur Boxing

Boxing has been a favorite past time for many centuries. That is, from the times of the Egyptians in the 2nd millennium B.C. until now when there are more rules to govern the field and spectators to watch the not-so-brutal fights. This is evidenced partially by the inclusion of boxing in the modern Olympics since … Read more

Home Boxing Gym – The Benefits That Are Meant To Suit You

Is a home boxing gym a wonderful idea? Will it make up as a good investment? As a kind of sport, boxing training is one of the best types of physical workouts that you may get yourself involved in. Boxing training is a kind of body fitness program that helps one maintain a fit physique. … Read more

Basics Of Professional Boxing

More than anything else, professional boxing was inspired by sheer love for manly fights and the price. Thus, the term “prizefighting”. The popularity of professional boxing begun in 18th century England where the working classes were the first avid fans and participants. It grew on until boxing caught the attention of top-hatted gentlemen and royalty. … Read more