Crosswords for Keeping the Mind Healthy

If you have been doing crosswords for a long time now, you might have noticed that it takes a certain amount of brain activity to process and solve all the clues and finish filling up all the white boxes on the puzzle grid. So the question of does crosswords keep the mind healthy has been … Read more

Crosswords, Some Tips to Beat the Game

You have been at it all morning and you decided that it is enough. You slowly put down the paper you were reading on the table and placed the pencil you were using beside it. Even if you don’t say it out loud, anyone that is close enough can see the frustration from your face. … Read more

Crosswords Where it All Began

One across, ten down. Crossword puzzles, you can love them but sometimes you curse them. Okay, maybe I’m just going overboard. But those little square boxes and the crisscrossing words can be quite addictive. But have you ever wondered where they came from or who started all this. From the easiest one to the most … Read more

Cryptic Crosswords, a Unique Type

If you know your crosswords, then you know that there are different variations other than the usual stuff you see in the newspapers. And one that usually calls attention to is the one called cryptic crosswords, a unique type. The main difference of cryptic crossword puzzles from any other kind of crosswords is the fact … Read more

Getting Started on Crossword Puzzles

On December of 1913, a man called Arthur Wynne gave birth to one of the most beloved past times of people today—the crossword puzzle. It was very different from way back then because aside from being called “Word-Cross” it also had a different format—a diamond shaped puzzle without internal black squares in it. WHAT YOU … Read more

How to Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle

Initially, crossword puzzles were hand-made but open the invention of a software program in 1997, crosswords puzzles can be made by an individual on the computer. The easiest way of creating a crossword puzzle, then, would be doing it in a computer. The first thing to identify when making a crossword puzzle, it is intention. … Read more

How Crossword Puzzles Came to Be

Solving crossword puzzles is one of the most “indulged in” activities for people who love mind games. This is because this game is reported to be good for the mind since it encourages intellectual stimulation. Today, more and more doctors recommend solving crossword puzzles to people who are getting older so they would avoid developing … Read more

Benefits of solving crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles refer to group of words that are arranged horizontally and vertically. This is designed this way so that each of the word will cross at least one other word though a letter that is common to both. Unlike before that crossword puzzles can only be found in newspapers, now people can solve it … Read more

Making Crossword Puzzles

Looking at crosswords everyday, have you ever stopped and wondered how one creates such an interesting puzzle? Crossword puzzle makers often have their own style in making their puzzles but they do follow some conventions or established guidelines. Nowadays, there are software and various applications that create crossword puzzles automatically. You just need to input … Read more

Crossword Puzzle: You Think You Already Know

Okay, so you have answered a crossword puzzle (whether it is with or without any reference), but can truly say that you know important facts about the world’s most brilliant and played word puzzle? Crossword puzzle has been around for decades. It has developed enthusiasts and haters alike, haters for those who were unable to … Read more