Crossword Puzzles for Children Development

Generally, puzzles are good tools for the development of young children especially their motor skills and cognitive development. Puzzles like jigsaw are quite popular since the shape sorting and image grouping exercise improves their problem solving skills. Crossword puzzles for children development is also a recognized approach. Of course, the applicability and difficulty of crossword … Read more

The Major Variations of Crosswords

If you’re familiar with crossword puzzles, then you know that a typical puzzle consists of white and black boxes. The white boxes would be where you will place the words that are hinted in the clues. But aside from the puzzle boxes you see in newspapers and other publications, there are other major variations of … Read more

Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Crossword puzzles are not only for fun, they can also be used to test our knowledge. Using this as a tool to engage kids in academics is considered to be an effective way. Educators find these kinds of exercises and puzzles are great way to engage children in participating in class activities. There are times … Read more

Tips for Finishing Crossword Puzzles Fast

How many times did we give up on crossword puzzles just because we cannot get the words right? There are people who keeps on answering crossword puzzles even if it would take them days, weeks and even months, just to finish them. How we wish we can finish more than one crossword puzzle. Here are … Read more

Crosswords and Vocabulary

It’s always fun to tackle crosswords puzzles. It helps stimulate the mind and keep it sharp which is way better than not doing anything at all. If you do the latter, you’ll end up bored and leave your brain building up cobwebs. And if you do nothing long enough, you’ll probably end up with a … Read more

Tips in Solving Crossword Puzzles

For some people who are really hooked into solving crossword puzzles, a day would not be complete without solving as many puzzles as possible. Since it has become some sort of addiction to other people, it is best to get tips on how to solve crossword puzzles the easy way to veer them away from … Read more

Crosswords as a Learning Tool

Crossword puzzles are not just puzzles. Sure, when the first crossword puzzle came in 1913, the intention was to add some for of entertainment in the pages of The New York Globe. And years after that, crossword puzzles became a phenomenon and entered a fad phase. It became such a popular game that libraries fell … Read more

Crosswords for Keeping the Mind Healthy

If you have been doing crosswords for a long time now, you might have noticed that it takes a certain amount of brain activity to process and solve all the clues and finish filling up all the white boxes on the puzzle grid. So the question of does crosswords keep the mind healthy has been … Read more

Crosswords, Some Tips to Beat the Game

You have been at it all morning and you decided that it is enough. You slowly put down the paper you were reading on the table and placed the pencil you were using beside it. Even if you don’t say it out loud, anyone that is close enough can see the frustration from your face. … Read more

Crosswords Where it All Began

One across, ten down. Crossword puzzles, you can love them but sometimes you curse them. Okay, maybe I’m just going overboard. But those little square boxes and the crisscrossing words can be quite addictive. But have you ever wondered where they came from or who started all this. From the easiest one to the most … Read more