Underlying Factors

Even if you are the most gracious, understanding and open-minded human being, there will undeniably be times that you are criticized in ignorance. It is important to remember, throughout your life, that everyone you deal with is a human being, and as human beings, we are far from perfect. There are these underlying human characteristics … Read more

Three Reasons to Listen Up

We all know the saying, “Everyone’s a critic,” and to be sure, people do love to make their opinions heard, whether they’re an expert on the subject or not. At times, we may even begin to tire of being, what seems, constantly criticized. But there are three great reasons why we should take a breath, … Read more

The Value of Criticism

The concept of value is kind of a funny concept when you really think about it. There are so many people on this earth, and we all have a different system when it comes to determining what is important to us. In general, the three things that most of us value the most include our … Read more

The Overly Positive

We all know that criticism has two sides to it. On the one side, you have positive feedback on your work; what people like about it, how your work inspires them. Then on the other side, you have constructive criticism; what your work is missing, any flaws or aspects you may have missed. Both sides … Read more

More Criticism Please

Have you ever considered how much you could learn from criticism? Really, think about it. If you can keep an open mind and not get defensive, then the more criticism you receive, the more you would learn about your field and your audience. And the more you learn, the more talented you would become. It’s … Read more

How to Respond, Not React to Criticism

The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do in life, you will be criticized on it. Whether you’re a writer, an artist, a designer, a chef, an executive, it doesn’t matter. No matter what career you choose, there will always be criticism. Now if you are not the best at receiving criticism … Read more

Eye-Opening Criticism

Think about a time in your life when someone criticized something you did and it really affected you. Perhaps it came at a time when you were already feeling down, and it really hurt you. You probably said to yourself, “Why would someone say that? That’s just mean.” Perhaps you will even allow it to … Read more

Criticism as Appreciation

You know, people hear the word criticism and they almost automatically flinch. Their heart beats a little faster and they prepare themselves for the worst. It’s a pretty safe bet that those same people never looked up synonyms for the word “criticism.” If they did, they’d see words like appreciation, appraisal and observation; none of … Read more

Criticism & Language

Criticism, for many people, carries the same meaning as judgment. In fact, one of the top synonyms of criticism is judgment. And one of the top synonyms of critic is judge. No wonder people have such a hard time with this term! Who wants to be judged? Obviously, people get defensive when it comes to … Read more

Criticism & Success

Nowadays, criticism has such a negative connotation that most people automatically react poorly to even just the term itself, without even thinking about its benefits. People think that the phrase “constructive criticism” is just something people made up so they could put a positive swing on bashing your work. What happened to turn such a … Read more