Know Each Other Well: Talk . . . A Lot

Many casual relationships begin based on mutual physical attraction. Neither of you can keep your hands off the other and the giddy rush of feelings that can come with this phase of any relationship can be addictive. However, once this initial crazy attraction phase starts to settle down, you will need a foundation to build … Read more

Lack of Trust In A Relationship

Your Relationship and Lack of Trust Love can’t exist without trust. If one person within the relationship constantly feels as though the other is sneaking around or hiding secrets, or perhaps has even been caught being unfaithful, this can damage the trust in a relationship. Mutual trust can be a strong basis for a healthy … Read more

Love Too Deep, Too Fast Can Bring Relationship Problems

The following is a continuation of the “Relationship Rescue” articles. This particular problem can be a real bummer in a relationship very quickly. Too Deep, Too Fast How many times have you fallen head-first in love with someone only to learn that they’re not quite in the same place emotionally as you are? It’s a … Read more

Pick-Up and Date Hot Women (1 Week)

If you made it here after four weeks of grueling lessons of approaching and speaking with drop-dead gorgeous women then congratulations are in order. You made it. Now you’re ready to actually go in for the pick-up, the first date, the relationship, sex, or whatever it is you’re after. Up until this point, you’ve been … Read more

Pursue Each Others Interests

In addition to pursuing interests that are new to both of you, you can also build the friendship between you and your partner by pursuing things that are only of interest to one of you. This shows the other person that you truly care for them, because you’re willing to go out of your way … Read more

Relationship Burn Out and Mending The Rift

Burn Out When relationships begin, they’re fun and exciting. You spend time together doing fun things and when your partner goes home or heads off to work, you get to spend some time on your own reflecting about how much fun you’ve had. You look forward to seeing each other again with a sense of … Read more

Relationship Incompatibility Can Be Good or Bad

Incompatibility Sometimes when we meet new people, they can seem like the perfect match for the type of partner you’ve been looking for. They’re funny, sweet, sensitive, romantic and caring. After a few months, little differences start to show you might realize that the partner you found is not the person you thought he was … Read more

Building Trust : Ask Hard Questions

When it comes to learning to trust a partner and helping them learn to trust you, it’s important to ask hard questions. However, it’s also important to ask them at appropriate times. While it may be difficult to bring yourself to talk about certain things and you may hesitate to bring up topics that might … Read more

Relationship Insecurity and Mending The Rift

Insecurity Insecurity can be detrimental to a healthy, loving relationship when it’s expressed in the wrong ways. Most people on the planet have feelings of insecurity and inadequacy about some aspect of their lives, but they often don’t allow it to destroy associations or relationships. However, some people worry excessively about these things and can … Read more

Build Friendship: Learn Something Together

When you’re in the process of building trust and getting to know each other, hopefully you’ll also start building a close friendship with your partner. If you’re going to commit to a long-term relationship and work at building true love, make sure you’re doing it with someone who you not only love, but also like … Read more