Play Levels Of Social Interaction In Speech And Language Therapy

There are different levels of play used in the assessment of children’s speech and language. These levels are used to measure children’s play skills. However, there are also play levels of social interaction that can give a general overview of the child’s play skills. In general, there are six play levels of social interaction that … Read more

The Role of Speech Therapy In Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can cause about a lot of speech and language disorders that would entail the need of speech therapy. That’s why the role of speech therapy in the rehabilitation process of a traumatic brain injury patient is very vital. What Speech And Language Problems TBI Brings About A person may have loss of … Read more

Roles Of Speech Therapist In Laryngectomy Management

There are three phases of management for laryngectomy: pre-operative, operative, and post-operative management. Each phase has its advantage and goals. A speech therapist plays vital roles in the first and last phase. Consulting a speech therapist during the first phase is equally important with seeing a therapist during the last phase, which is when voice … Read more

Therapy Procedures for Speech Disorders

The terminal goal of speech therapy is for the client to spontaneously use the appropriate speech sounds of his or her linguistic culture in connected speech. In this context, therapy becomes a continuum of short-term goals designed to meet the terminal goal. And therapy procedures may either use the motor or traditional approach or the … Read more

Speech And Language Problems Presented By Crouzon Syndrome

Crouzon Syndrome is a condition that would require speech therapy. This is mainly because of the major features of the syndrome, which affect main physical components used for speech production, such as articulators. Crouzon Syndrome It is a result of premature closure of some cranial sutures and is also known as branchial arch syndrome as … Read more

Toys As Materials For Speech Therapy

There are a variety of tools and materials, which are designed for speech therapy in the market right now, thus giving the therapist much more options when it comes to choosing the equipments that could best maximize his services. One variety of materials are toys. And there are various reasons for the rise in its … Read more

Speech Therapy: An Overview On Fluency Disorders

One of the main categories of speech problems in need for speech therapy are fluency disorders. However, there are different types of fluency disorders, even though they may all seem the same. Each type has its own cause, and defining characteristics that make them stand out from one another. There are basically six main types … Read more

Speech Therapy: An Overview

One of the not so noticed areas of rehabilitation medicine is Speech Therapy. In fact, a lot of people may not even know that something like this existed. It may be the case that this is your first time to encounter the field or you may have heard it somewhere, but don’t fully understand what … Read more

Speech Therapy: PROLAM-GM Approach

PROLAM-GM is an acronym for the various intervention and transfer strategies used in the management of stuttering. PROLAM, which stands for physiological adjustments, rate manipulation, operant controls, length and complexity of utterance, attitude changes, and monitoring, are the intervention strategies. GM, which stands for generalization and maintenance, are the transfer strategies. Physiological Adjustments Physiological adjustment … Read more

Speech Therapy Activities For Aphasia

To begin with, the primary cause of aphasia should be stabilized or treated. After doing so, that’s the only time that a therapist can work on the rehabilitation of the patient. To recover a person’s language function, he or she should begin undergoing therapy as soon as possible subsequent the injury. Speech Therapy: As A … Read more

Speech Therapy Assessment Tips For Fluency Disorders

During the assessment of an individual with suspected fluency disorder, there are some things to remember to make the assessment more comprehensive and useful. Here are some of those critical points to take note of during assessment. Benefits Of Obtaining Both Reading and Conversation Sample It is more beneficial to obtain both reading and conversation … Read more

Speech Therapy Diagnosis: Autism

Before a child could undergo speech therapy with the diagnosis of Autism, he should pass a criteria of characteristics first that is given by the DSM-IV. So here are the criteria for a child to be diagnosed with such conditions. Autistic Disorder Criteria: Social Interaction First off, a child should have impairment in social interaction. … Read more