Allergy Resistant Products Can Prove Effective In Preventing Allergies

According to recent studies, it has been found that more than half of all Americans that fall in the age group between six and fifty nine years have been found to be allergic to a minimum one to ten allergens, which is worrying because it represents a fivefold jump as compared to what it was during the period 1976 through to 1980. Furthermore, childhood asthma has also been blamed on allergies to a greater extent (more than sixty percent, in fact) as compared to the previous last decade’s figures, and thus there is a growing concern about how to prevent people from suffering from allergies.

Indoor Air Pollutants Are Huge Threat

Also, indoor air pollutants are a bigger concern than outdoor air pollutants and thus it has led to greater numbers of people turning their homes into allergy resistant homes in a bid to ward off allergy attacks. Towards this end, they have begun to use certain products that are termed allergy resistant and it would be a good idea to learn more about such products so as to know how best to combat allergies in the future.

Thus, you could try using allergy resistant sheets, mattress covers as well as pillowcases which can ward off things such as dust mites, shedding skin as well as human air that are very real factors in causing allergies. Because many people need such allergy resistant items, there are numerous department stores selling them and they are available at a cost of between forty to fifty dollars which is quite affordable and which will also prove very effective in combating allergy attacks.

There are also allergy resistant air purifiers that clean the air of dust, pollen, skin cells, mold as well as mildew and thus will considerably bring down the threat of allergies. The foremost technologies used in such products are HEPA as well as UV and these products will cost between two hundred and fifty dollars up to three hundred and fifty dollars.

In addition, you may want to try out other allergy resistant products such as VOC free paints and chemicals that will prove to be very effective to those who are very sensitive to paints and chemicals and the cost of such allergy resistant products is in a range between three hundred fifty dollars to six hundred plus dollars.

Finally, you could also consider using allergy resistant fabrics such as bedcovers, drapes and carpeting that do not have VOC or Volatile organic Compounds which will cost between four hundred and twelve hundred dollars and which will benefit your immune system as well as your liver and thus are worth trying out.