What Allergies Are and How to Deal With Them

Allergies are basically the immune system’s incorrect response to a foreign substance. In some people the body believes that certain substances are dangerous and that they are trying to do damage to the body and in response to this, in order to try and protect the body, the immune system begins creating certain antibodies. One … Read more

Autism and Sulfa Allergy: Some Assessments

Sulfa allergy is basically a negative reaction to an antibiotic known as sulfamethoxazole which is an ingredient found in antibiotics which contain sulfonamide including Septra and Bactrim. People who have been diagnosed with a sulfa allergy should not use these types of medications and they should also not take an antibiotic known as Pediazole. Autism … Read more

A Dust Mite Allergy Is Worse Than The Bugs That Bring It

The dust mites that trigger the symptoms of a dust mite allergy are numerous and troublesome. These bugs are also impossible to see with the naked eye so many people do not realize where the dust mite allergy comes from although they feel the effects. There could be hundreds of thousands of dust mites in … Read more

Latex Allergy Symptoms Severely Affect Many People

Latex allergy symptoms can be very troubling to the people that have an allergy to latex. This substance is used in many ways so the people who might end up with latex allergy symptoms because of exposure to latex have to be very careful in their daily lives. Latex has been used extensively for more … Read more

What Causes An Allergic Reaction?

An allergic reaction is our bodies’ natural reaction to substances that we are highly sensitive to. The kind of allergic reaction that we have may differ from person to person and may also differ depending on what kind of substance has triggered the allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is caused by our exposure to an … Read more

Allergies That Cause Allergic Rashes

Allergies have many symptoms and reaction that manifest in our skin. In fact, many allergic symptoms include swelling, itchiness and some form of dermatitis. Allergic rashes are not actually life threatening to start with but they can be very inconvenient and they cam also develop in to some other health complication. Urticaria Urticaria is commonly … Read more

A Guide to Food Allergies

There are many different types of allergies that a person can suffer from, but food allergies are one of the most common of all. Food allergies, also known as food intolerance refers to when a person cannot eat a certain type of food without experiencing undesirable side effects or even serious repercussions. Most Common Causes … Read more

Facts About Egg Allergies

Our body’s immune system has a unique role to protect the body from possible damages, failures and intruders. Allergy is triggered by our own immune system mechanism in order to protect our body for what it seems as possibly harmful whether it is dust, pollen or a food item. Here are some facts that will … Read more

How to Live a Normal Life With a Milk Allergy

When you have a milk allergy you may need to make a few major adjustments to your diet in order to avoid milk. We all know that milk is good for you. Milk is known to make teeth and bones stronger due to the calcium that milk contains. When you don’t get enough milk in … Read more