Common Methods of Allergy Testing

Allergies is the natural response of our immune system trying to defend our body when it feels it is in danger; usually allergies occur when the body does not recognize a substance that is induced in the form through air, orally or directly applied on the skin. Here are some common methods of allergy testing that are sued today in order to determine the allergy type as well as a treatment for it.

The Skin Prick Or Scratch Allergy Testing

This is one f the most common allergy testing applied and it conducted by inducing a small amount of the substance suspected to cause the allergy into the skin in order to make contact and provoke the allergy. This test usually takes about 30 minutes to maximum and hour as the body reacts almost instantly if there are any allergic reactions to the substance used.

This is a fast and sure way to find out if you are allergic to something that you suspect you are but not sure. You can conduct this test with several other suspected substances at the same time in order to find the right culprit and a possible treatment as well.

Intradermal Allergy Testing

This allergy testing is very similar to the skin prick o scratch testing with the only difference that the suspected allergens are injected into the skin in order to provoke the reaction desired. Several tests can be conducted at the same time as it takes approximately 30 minutes for any reactions to occur.

Blood Test

Blood tests or RAST (radioallergosorbent test) is yet another sure way to determine an allergic reaction; this test measures the level of antibodies in the body or more precisely of a specific type of antibodies, which are known as IgE that are only present when an allergic reaction occurs.

Helpful Tip

Allergy reactions can be very tricky at times and it can take several allergy testing procedures to determine the cause of your allergies because it can be anywhere from food to a new lotion you are applying. Also you need to remember that allergies can be formed even later in life for some food items that you were not allergic to before, or any other cause for that matter such as, flowers, perfume animal dander or dust. In fact as we grow older our immune system grows weaker and we are more prone to develop allergies to things that did not bother us before.