Nasal Allergies Symptoms Are Very Like Those Of Common Colds

The reason behind why a person will suffer from nasal allergies is dust, pollen and also dander that is present in the air and which is inhaled by an affected person and which will lead to coughing as well as sneezing and watery eyes as well as a runny nose all of which will make you feel very miserable. In fact, the symptoms are much like what you experience if you had a common cold and thus it is not all that easy to distinguish nasal allergies’ symptoms from those of common colds.

Immune System Must Combat The Allergy

Mostly, the body’s immune system is what responds to the presence of allergens and it is this same immune system that produces antibodies which will combat the nasal allergies. Also, it is not so bad to suffer from nasal allergies if you happen to not be allergic to the allergens though if you are allergic then the condition can become very severe and make you feel very poorly indeed.

Also, nasal allergies may occur more frequently during certain times of the year such as during the months of February through till July when there is high presence of tree pollen while during the months April through July grass pollen are very high and finally, between August and October there is higher presence of ragweed.

In addition, the particular region of your country that you live in can also affect whether you fall prey to nasal allergies or not, and as mentioned the possibility of becoming allergic is worst during certain seasons of the year and if you happen to be allergic to some allergens, you need to have yourself checked by a physician who will test you to see whether you have nasal allergies or not.

Probably, the worst allergen as far as nasal allergies go is ragweed pollen that spreads very easily through the air because winds can carry them to great distances and so you will still be at risk even if you take preventive measures such as not growing plants in your home. Another culprit as far as nasal allergies go is mold which is an irritant of which there are many thousands of different types that may be present both indoors as well as outdoors, and so you will be at greater risk of being affected because it is present almost everywhere you go.

To prevent being affected by nasal allergies, you would need to consult your doctor and seek advice as to what things you should avoid and to also find some treatment method with which to relieve the symptoms of nasal allergies, should you become affected.