Simple and Effective Allergic Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma is a respiratory problem which most often than not is triggered by an allergen. There are other causes, of course however, the most obvious of all causes is allergy – allergy to dust, to animal dander, to pollen in the air, to humidity, to cold, and so on. What do you do when you suffer from an asthma attack caused by allergy? You would most likely carry an emergency inhaler which would help you breathe normal in no time, but the best would be to prevent it by avoiding the allergen.

What About Allergic Asthma Home Remedies?

Since allergic asthma home remedies have been touted to be highly effective, you will find described here a few very simple ones which are well tried and tested and hope you would benefit from these treatments as millions of others across the globe do too.

A change in diet in extremely effective in fighting any type of allergic asthma – foods such as soybean, apples, lemon, orange, figs, guava, Bengal gram (black lentils) should be introduced into your diet as these provide the much needed fiber that prevents constipation, which in turn prevents the allergic asthma. Also include in your daily food consumption, whole grains such as barley, maize and oatmeal.

Since we are talking about diet, be informed that Vitamin E is another one among the well known and tested allergic asthma home remedies. You also need to know that among these remedies, some of the simplest are the most ignored yet the most effective. For example, just having dinner some two hours before sunset can reduce attacks by 90%.

One among the most famous allergic asthma home remedies is the raisin cure – this is one of the most effective and easy to do allergic asthma home remedies known to mankind. Take about 15-20 raisins and have them soaked in about 150 milliliters of water (a little less than a full glass); in the morning you will find that the raisins have become big – just like grapes. Take these swollen raisins and boil them in a cup (250 ml) of milk. Have this milk at least twice a day.

You will find great relief if you would take a little dry peel of a pomegranate and boil in milk along with two raisins and drink it every day at bed time. For children below one year you could use a paste of about five to six leaves of basil and honey.

Avoid all the foods that cause phlegm such as rice, curd, lentils, banana and other such foods and concentrate on beneficial foods such as prunes, berries, tomatoes, lettuce, beet root, orange, etc.