The Connection Between Deodorant and Allergies

Smelling clean and fresh is the job of a deodorant and in many cases now they also contain a subtle scent as well to enhance its performance. None of us can live without a deodorant whether we are at home, doing errands, exercising or at the office, as we move around and create friction our body perspires and body odor is not pleasant.

Did you ever try to smell a flower and started to sneeze uncontrollably, sprayed on a perfume and your eyes and nose started to water or sprayed on your deodorant and found yourself out of breath? Well you may be suffering from allergies. Here is how deodorant and allergies are connected and how you can still wear it without having to suffer in the process.

What Makes The Deodorant Allergic

Deodorants that contain perfume concentrate and chemicals in order to produce a certain scent when applied are likely to induce an allergy for those that are sensitive to pollen and/or flowers. Most perfumes are made out of flower and plants extracts and therefore will carry the chemicals that can create allergies in some thus; deodorant and allergies go hand in hand.

Deodorant And Allergies Prevention

In order to prevent allergies through deodorant you need to take the following steps: ensure that your deodorant is not scented in the first place (look for the unscented sign on the package), try and use roll on deodorant or stick rather then spray on because thus you will limit it to the underarms and not be pulverized in the air and get into your nose through which it can trigger allergies.

Another simple deodorant and allergies prevention is to purchase items that are hypoallergenic and are tested not to cause any allergies; such products are found in all stores and are also clearly marked on their label.

Other Deodorant And Allergies Tips

The allergy symptoms that you may get from a deodorant are: sneezing, watery eyes and nose as well as headache and vomiting in some cases. You can easily recognize these symptoms at home because they will occur as soon as you apply your deodorant and will continue for at least couple of hours depending on how sensitive you are. You can consult a doctor right away for determining the cause or you can make a few changes and see if the state improves either way, you need to treat it as soon as possible as it can get worse in time and even produce skin rashes and inflammations.