The Key to Allergy Relief

Allergies are a horrible thing to deal with for the normal person. There are allergies to many substances. A person can be allergic to food, medications, dogs, cats, dust, mold, grass, etc. The key to allergy relief is to prevent contact with these substances. For food allergies a person needs to avoid eating or coming into contact with any of the foods which cause the allergic reaction.

With medication allergies the key to allergy relief is to not use the medications. It is important for the person to notify there physician, pharmacist and other health care workers of the medication allergy so that it can be noted in the medical records. People who are severely allergic to dogs and cats will need to avoid homes which have these pets. If the allergy is less severe avoiding contact with the animal and the furniture the animal uses will provide allergy relief.

People with dust and mold allergies will need to keep their living and work environments clean. Also using an air filter in the home or office may provide allergy relief in this situation. Many of these tips are simple common sense and just need some careful consideration by the allergy sufferer.

Medications for Allergy Relief

For people with severe allergies there are medications on the market which can help provide allergy relief. Antihistamines are one class of medications for allergy treatment. Benadryl has been on the market for many years and has been used for prevention of allergies and treatment of allergic reactions.

Some people have found that the problem with Benadryl is that is causes drowsiness. This is okay at bedtime but difficult to deal with throughout the day. There are other allergy medications available at the local drug store. Loratadine and other medications which previously required a doctor’s prescription are now available without a prescription. These medications advertise allergy relief without drowsiness and can be taken sometimes just once a day.

If a person finds that they have asthma type reactions with their allergies a doctor may prescribe asthma medications. There are some medications available by inhaler such as Albuterol that may provide rapid relief to acute respiratory distress. When a person becomes aware that they have problems with breathing and respirations they should see a doctor as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate medications for any distress that may arise.

Of course, a person should discuss all medications they are taking with their physician and should seek a physician’s advice before beginning any new medication regimen.