What Allergies Are and How to Deal With Them

Allergies are basically the immune system’s incorrect response to a foreign substance. In some people the body believes that certain substances are dangerous and that they are trying to do damage to the body and in response to this, in order to try and protect the body, the immune system begins creating certain antibodies. One of these antibodies is histamine, and this is the one which has the most noticeable effect on the body, including a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and sneezing.


There are actually quite a few different possible causes of allergies, and everything from dust to food can cause allergies in a person. After all, allergens are everywhere, in the air, food, medicine, cosmetics, and plants. The airborne allergens are the hardest to avoid because everyone has to breathe in the air around them at least somewhat, and this is why inhaling an allergen is by far the most common way that people are exposed.


There are ways that a person can find relief from their allergies, and once they have determined the actual cause of their allergies then they can begin to work together with their doctor to find the right method of treatment.

Complete avoidance is obviously always the best route but this is not always possible, especially with airborne allergens. Medications are commonly used, namely antihistamines which work to block the histamine that the body’s immune system is producing. These have been used for years to treat allergy symptoms and are available in pill, liquid, nasal spray, and eye drop forms.

Decongestants are also often used here and these help to relieve congestion and typically can only be used for a few days because long term use of these products can actually turn out to make the symptoms worse.