5 Known Facts of Asthma Prevention

Over 17 million people in the Unites States suffer from Asthma, which leads to 5,000 deaths a year. Asthma is a serious lung ailment leading to an allergic inflammation of the lungs. Asthma attacks are generally triggered by dust mites, pollens, molds, animal fur, air pollution such as smog and smoke, breathable chemicals, vigorous exercise, sudden temperature changes or indigestion of food.

Looking at these facts, it is important for asthma sufferers to to learn as mauch as they can about their condition and what causes or triggers it. Medical researchers agree that it is most essential that parents should prevent their children from developing asthma in the first place. And this could only be done by eliminating and reducing the most important factors from above – namely dust mites, animal or soft toy furs or any other asthma triggering elements from home.

5 Helpful Ideas for asthma prevention

1.  As discussed above, avoidance of triggers such as dust mite allergens at early childhood can help asthma prevention. Researches have shown that eliminating these factors, which cause the allergic inflammation at the first place, can help reduce coughs and other dust-related health problems as well. This can be done through keeping the relative humidity and temperature of the home at the correct level, having proper ventilation and air cleaning system, and cleaning the whole house regularly, especially fabricated areas which are prone to dust mites.

2.  Besides dust mites, parents also should avoid having cats, dogs, cockroaches and other pests for asthma prevention or certain type of moulds, tobacco, or cigarette smoke. Smoke is another big factor which brings about asthma due to the contents of the tobacco smoke which can cause inflammation in the lungs and other respiratory parts such as the bronchus. If your child is already having asthma or allergies, taking these measures will help to reduce the number of asthma attacks.

3.  Parents should avoid having chemicals such as benzyl benzoate, phenyl salicylate, common household disinfectants and other insect growth regulators. In fact, these chemicals are used to kill dust mites and asthma prevention but when used out of control and exposed to air too long they can cause asthma too.

4.  Having discussed of external preventions, let’s move on to internal prevention. A child, from birth, should be given sufficient breast milk and other nutritious food such as Omega-3 fatty acids, and oily fishes for asthma prevention as well.

5.  For working adults on the other hand, if you think you body is weak and vulnerable to getting an asthma infection, avoid working at places where there are wood dust, baking flour, animal fur and skin cells, fumigants, dyes, perfumes and deodorants and fresheners, car exhaust fume, chemicals, dust, gases and paint fumes. If you happen to work at such places by having no other choice, make sure there is proper ventilation and don’t forget to wear a mask or respirator.